Black People : Black People And Man Made Saviors

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    Why is it hard for black men and black
    women to look within their selves?
    and see the true person that lives within;
    I find that we as black people continue
    to live through other people eyes;
    many times they are more loyal
    to the devil, than they are to God;
    Every Black man or woman is not blind.
    Have we become so submissive
    that we can’t see truth for our self, but yet
    We cry for freedom, and it stands
    before our own door.

    If man would Digest it’s surrounding;
    not to be taken by the hand;
    and lead by many who
    Have no clue in who he is,
    and who she might be? It has become to a disaster
    Where, many depend, on others,
    to guide them through this hell call earth.

    Those who have came; to
    and industrial confutations, in how to save self.
    Truth is so far fetch from those,
    who proclaim that they have the answers,
    And more often fail, when conscience
    has known, value, which they proclaim to lead.
    How can man lead another man,
    when he himself cannot lead self?
    How can man teach another man?

    When he has no knowledge of self?
    How can the elder that set before
    the table, be loyal to a proclamation
    call roots, when he blacks out truth?
    How can he lead the young
    when he has no conscious of his own
    brothers and sisters.
    In what is taught, the outlaw that
    hides behind the mask call truth.

    The clicks with no foundation of their
    own, taking their heritage call roots
    Straight to hell; The will to be free is a gift from
    God. There will be no back
    door front door, In the 20th Century
    , Are neither shall it ever happen in
    this world order. Man must think for self.
    Crucial moments
    awaits, Nationalities need no
    permission from another man; to
    classify him as a man.

    Loyalty to God is freedom. A slave is a man
    who is a better man dead.
    Than live, in clutches of another man
    Knowledge is vein humility shall be sustained.
    Supremacy holds hostage
    the soul of a man, who is submissive to
    another's mans demands.
    A dead man without a soul;
    This game call reverse psychology
    is a myth that the devils used, to
    formulates a stereo type who is man.

    It is a wise man, who has studied the blue print of
    God call law, it is a fool who lives by the outlaw
    Bible and call it hope; when the prophet died, a drug call power
    Loyal to the devils demands, we might ask who is Mr. Charlie?
    Meet Uncle Tom, who will sell
    his people to the devil, who
    Wear the out law scriptures of law.

    Nevertheless, the only sure thing in this life is death;
    man who lives by the out law bible.
    Who represents his self; a true answer of tomorrow;
    In addition, the ego’s that live within a televise mind.
    My lest testament which probably do not mean a dam.
    To a close mind without air, such a sad situation
    When man live through a vacuum,
    The tongue the sword,
    of an eagle eyes, shall be the
    The source of destructions.
    Omni presents every place, all the time,
    at the same place.

    To do are to dye, to dye are to live,
    Evaluations of power, Mastery of Self.
    Man of integrity the minister of spirit.
    Finding of principal, might of power,
    meekness, simple laws of loving self.
    The hero or the coward saving self.
    The soul that dies a thousand time,
    when the soul of will would die once.

    The man within his own,
    abominations of definitions,
    Surely he feels his concept ,
    is the spoken words of a deliverance,
    without the understanding of what a man
    Is and should be. Wisdom blacked out within his own definitions.
    Nevertheless, he never learned wisdom, are the words holy,
    A man who don’t identify with the creator who made him.

    There is no reasoning with the devil
    He will continue to destroy, the little
    Man without an image of his own.
    Divide and conquer the slaves of t he devil.
    Freedom shall only be granted from God
    When the righteous man stands beside God.
    Devils come in all colors and shades
    Be ware of the wimpling cries, beware of the helpless
    Fool who will sell his soul for the murder of his
    Sister or brother for a moment of fame.
    The man man bible has just been erased.

    Keep your eyes on the sparrow and the wind shall follow
    Don’t look back you will loose your tomorrow
    The sounds of the eagle and the roaring of the wind
    Grasped to your future, The sun will follow
    Hold on there is no light in the dark
    What you see before you will be your start
    One God, One man, One Son.

    Beware of the black sparrow who flap
    His wings don’t judge it by its image
    Check beneath the wings, if you are
    Slow he will take your strength, beware
    Of the con he will drag you down with
    Him he has no conscious are pride
    Who is God, the man man bible?
    Will send you hell.

    It’s the power of a man who walks as a man,
    Speak as a man, lead as a warrior,
    In Gods love, sing not the song of victory,
    Sing not the songs honor of honor,
    if thy slate is not clean.
    Who is a leader? Who is the Warrior?
    Man will never understand, unless he has
    Felt the pain, and shed some blood.
    How can you lead the future, if you have
    Know knowledge, written in blood.

    Singing the slave master song, refusing to
    Dropped the blame game, and look
    Within self, who is the slave? and who is the master?
    Many times the black's who wear the mask.
    In my eyes there is only one master his name is God.
    I stand before my word, the elders who come
    In the name of unity, must stand before the
    Almighty God one day.

    Women how can you stand by the constitution?
    And raise the flag of liberation, when you can't
    Stand beside your black man and sister in love? How can
    you sing the word blackness; when you hide
    from truth? God said if you hate your brother
    are your sister, you lye when you say you love me.
    How can you cry revolution? and you frown upon
    your brothers, and refuse to reach out
    to a world call roots. The outlaw revolution
    without a clue, every man where shades
    is not blind? How can you stand for blackness
    and wear the blonde wiggs upon your head.
    Sister to Sister sorry, you aint no blond.

    Brother how can you wave the flag of a King?
    When you can’t sit at the table with your sisters
    And speak truth, not what man say it should be.
    But the words written in blood and love.
    Oh what a bitter taste, when truth is hidden
    Behind the back door, and covered up
    With sweet smell of roses, when the
    Buds has turned to death, and the roots
    Have no more life. Brothers how can
    you love your women, when you pimping
    her like a back door wh---, and you
    sing it out loud? Black pride;
    Love off my sisters and brothers
    Say it loud; but I step back
    and say it loud, No the boy,
    no the man, no the king
    No the girl, no the women, no the queen.

    The fear of man brings snares,
    but who has put his trust in the lord shall be safe.
    Man seeks the power to rule,
    but every man’s judgment will come from God.
    An unjust man is an abomination to the just,
    and he that lives by the accords of love,
    Is an abomination to the wicked.
    The man who never learned wisdom,
    nor have the knowledge of holy.

    Forget not the law of God;
    receive his words with loyalty to only him.
    So that you shall be blessed,
    with the words of wisdom,
    and apply your heart to understanding.
    Scornful words within;
    and a fool who hate knowledge;
    Let not your right hand smack you in the face.
    When fear becomes your damnation;,
    and your destruction, come as a ball of fire,
    When you call upon him, he shall not hear,
    you shall seek the father, but he shall not hear,
    for those who hate knowledge,
    and did not choose the fear of thy God.