Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Agenda Is Not The Same As Other People Agenda

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    Black People Agenda Is Not The Same As Other People Agenda

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, the one thing that verify there being a difference in Black Divine Beings and Human Beings, is the difference in the things Black People hold as a priority as oppose to what Human Beings view as their priority in Life and the Two does not correspond Divinely with each other, their agenda in Life is entirely of a different quality, so there is no wonder why the world is in such a horrible and vain egoistical state of spiritual conflict with the Black Divine Thinking Beings upon this Planet.

    Now, when taking into consideration of the diverse priority that is in pursuit between the Black Divine Beings and the Human Beings, you have to take into consideration what a disadvantage at this Time the Black Divine Beings are in today, while considering the advantage the Human Beings are in today when making comparison of the Two Beings of a different Spiritual nature, one being Divine and the other being Profane.

    So there is no wonder why it is that the World is in a state of a Mental breakdown ;like it is today, yet such a status of the World is common to the Human Beings and every since the Human Beings came to take on a Spirit that practice Lies and acts of deception and from such acts of treachery they came into power over the World, and every since that Time the Black Divine World no longer has an agenda that will hold to be of a Divine Priority to make sure that Divine Order come to be the Norm again of the Black Divine World.

    So no, it is not probable based upon the Quality of Spirit that the today Black Human Being now display, for the Black Human Beings to have the Divine Intelligent ability to give Respect to themselves and since the Black Human Beings have no self respect, there is in no way they can show Respect for their Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors and where there is no Respect Shown for our First Way Ancestors by the Black Human Beings, then there is no Respect to be shown toward our Ancient Black Ancestors who have come down through the Spectrum of various Dispensation of Time and such Time include our Enslaved Ancestors of whom the Black Afrikan Human Beings shows to Respect for as well.

    So, it is the today Black Afrikan Human Beings who now show and give praise to all that the Human Beings have taught them about the Human Being God and about the Black Afrikan Human Beings and it was a once Divine Being who has now turned to become Human Being, the Being who openly confess to be a liar and deceiver.

    So there is no profound reasoning with such a Black Afrikan Human Being, because Profound reasoning require for you to be susceptible to Rational Thinking and Divine thoughtful Logic, in order to be able to know and Understand that which is Divinely True and Real, and those two Divine Principles are required for the Black Divine Being to know and to be able to comprehend what is Divinely True and Real, before the rise of the Divine Black Nation in all of her glorified Unity, can become the Natural Force on this Planet as we once were.

    By being in such a Divine Mental state, then such a Mental posture will assure That Land where our Divine Ancestors First step foot upon, to become the Land it originally was, Sacred and Divine that it was, and it did yield Divine property of nourishment that was so fitting to take care of its inhabitants and to unfold the Greatest Civilization ever to dawn this planet Black Divine World, they who walked and moved in Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance with her ( Mother Earth ) movement, and with the cyclical action of Both Universe, did we relate, and did so Divinely and not Humanly..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So no, the True and Real Black Divine Afrikan Being agenda today, is not the same as all of those other people upon this Planet and is of the Human Beings agenda, an agenda to keep the Black Divine Being dumbfound as to who we are, so that we can not come back into our Divine Mind, because once we do, then we will begin to act in such a way that it will become our motivation to construct an agenda that will be sufficient enough to have Afrika to become Afrika again and which will verify that the Black World has become Re-united again and with such a Mind, the Divine Spirit of the Black Divine being will be able to re-establish Divine Spiritual connection with the Land call Afrika and will cause the Black Divine Being to know why it is imperative for the Black World to have become Reunited again.

    Without a Black People Agenda and a Plan of Liberation action, then it will continue to be the Human Being agenda that guide us Black Human Beings and your priority will be as it always have been, and that is to work in the best interest of the Human Being and not the Black Divine Being.

    So it is no wonder why it is that the Black Human Being go dressed up in their finest Ignorant Intelligence, always in the mode to counteract everything that the Black Divine Being attempt to do, in the way of reminding Black People who we Really are, which is entirely different from what the Human Being has taught us about who we Black People are, and it is that Human Being information, that has the Black Being believing that we are Human Beings, worth not of the Human Being respect, of equal status, but to always serve as the foot stool to the Human Being in power, upon this Planet today.

    Where is the Black Wombgender and Staffgender agenda, where is our Plan of action for the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, no where to be founded, because of the fact we now wear the Mind of the Human Being and not of our Divine Being Mentality and by the lost of our Divine Mind, the action of a Fool appear to be the action of the Wise and because Black people no longer are capable of knowing and recognizing the difference in being Wise as oppose to being Foolish, Black people end up complaining when adjectives are used to describe the spirit and ways of the Black Afrikan Human Beings of today, they whose agenda is of the Human Being agenda and not of a Divine Black Afrikan Agenda, an agenda that must and will point the way to Afrika and Black Afrikan Liberation, from this Evil World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

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