Black People : Black Panthers, 1968,..where were you then?

I was 7 years old in 1968 ... problee sum where fix'n a bottle for my baby Brother.

I knew nothing of the Black Panthers until i came to destee ... about 15 years ago.

I grew up knowing virtually nothing about racism, black, white, or any of the cultural challenges.

I had a Single Black Mother, and i'm sure it took all she had to just feed, clothe, and protect us.

I never knew anything about the NOI either, until i came to destee, met Sisters and Brothers online.

That's why i know and believe this community has the ability to teach and inform, 'cause it's done that for me!

Hey ... do yall know we have our very own ... ORIGINAL BLACK PANTHER MEMBER ... right here at destee? ... :bowdown:

Love You! :grouphug:



This is so enlightening. Wow! You know when I first reached out to other kinds of Black forums years ago and realized from them how much I didn't know about other positive movements for our Black African cause, I was initially embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of certain things and people, but by and by, I came to realize that there was something done deliberately and underhandedly byway of certain people in America in high places, in that they did things to divide past Black African American people of whom were a positive force and were fighting against racism and discrimination. someone dirty underhanded work has been done to divide people in the 60s and this caused them to conflict on certain issues and not be able to come together to have a much larger force against the American racist system, and now we are the product of that kind of divisiveness!

So it is so great to hear you Sister Destee say what you said here, because I've not heard many people say this and again, initially when I started admitting that I didn't know some things like about Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, and etc., and mind you, this was after I had graduated from an HBCU!!! I was scared to say it and thought that the brother who I went to and joined a discussion group was gonna freak out on me! he was an Islamic man and he didn't because he was older and from that generation and to my surprise--He wasn't surprised that i didn't know about some things. In fact, he was so happy that I had the guts to come to him from 'the Black Church' perspective and be willing to be open to learn from him and from other 'Black Power' perspectives. But he did grill me first though, and test me to see if I had some salt and had done some homework on my own before I had come to him. I remember the first time I came to him and my husband was with me, and when he started grilling me, I thought I was gonna pass out! I wanted to slip underneath the table and disappear!--but after a minute or so, I came back at him and started giving him some of my research and debated with him and then he sat back, quietly, then he smiled and I saw that i got him!--I brought him some new stuff he did not know! WHEW! Man! Black men! But he was so open himself too, and he let me know that I brought him new information and etc!

So I gotta tell you, I am surprised to read what you wrote here!--about your experience and how you came to know what you know. You are a woman of many talents and to think that your own outreach in setting up this community has caused you to gain even more talents, experience, and knowledge is trully amazing and inspiring.

edited. you doing Sister Ms Vera?
In 1968, I was in the 6th grade. April 4, 1968 when Dr. King was murdered, I vividly remember watching as older Brothers & Sisters from the west side of Chicago display their sadness and acts of vengeance/ violence because of this for more than two days.
My older Brothers and cousins were supporters of the Black Panthers. My residence at the time was less than twelve blocks from the west Monroe Street address where Black Panthers, Minister Fred Hampton & Mark Clark were murdered on December 4, 1969.
Wow, that walk down memory lane was sad but true.
Love & Blessings,

I was a littler younger at the time, but can remember feeling the impact it had on Black people in my community, school, Church and etc.

And for some reason due to some issues going on right now, I have this strange feeling that we might be going back to those days when Black people pulled together to deal with and overcome so hard issues of having our human rights abridged. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping for now.

I appreciate your comment because I remember moreso the reaction of my older cousins and saw and felt the passion through their responses more than any other age group. They brought me into the 70s and gave me something to look up to and aspire.


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