Black Poetry : Black Panther Rug Series - Episode 4: My Most Intimate Romance


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Black Lace teddy
High heel pumps
As you lead me to your chamber
Sit down and relax you tell me
With a touch of the remote you dim the lights and music starts to play
As you proceed into the washroom
I look around and take in the smell of scented candles
Satin sheets on the bed
You call for me to come
I walk into the bathroom
Behold a bath has been drawn
You begin to undress me and I sink into the warm waters
You slowly begin to bathe me, every inch
Off comes the teddy and the pumps as you join me
Sensual in our bathing serves only to heighten the eroticism
We emerge from the waters our bodies dripping wet
I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom
Lay you down on the sheets
I take a rose from the table
And begin to massage every inch of you
The nipple of the breast fits well inside the opening of the rose
Slowly I continue as it tickles in an erotic fashion
You reach down and grab my love shaft
And caress it between your hands
Massaging and loving it
You take it and insert it inside you
Gasping from the pleasure
We are now one as we being to flow as fluid as water
Wet bodies
Sexual sounds coming from our bodies joining
In slow motion we take our time
With every thrust
We feel closer and closer
The aroma of the candles now mixed with the smell of intercourse
Serves to send us on a sexual high
Losing ourselves in each other.......

Cum after Cum...after Cum....

How I often remember those times....
Black Lace, huh?...

WEll,Well,we're coming around to Black Lace. I won't even try to go into that... right now... Walkining on my tippy toes so that he won't know I still cry baby over you and me... Does dat song sound familiar to anyone in here? WEll,
I have to say Bishop you're too deep... REminds me of a poem I wrote on afronet called Black you liike black lace too huh ? That's coo. I was feelin dis poem fa sho Bishop. THis is the first time I actually be feelin you like this. WOW! ~You leave me enchanted!~
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