Chief Elder Osiris : Black Optimism In America, Reflect Low Self Esteem !!!

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Black Woman and Man, what you see is not always what it is and most certainly is not what you always get.

    Black Warriors is to whom I speak to on this machine and all else be lost in the sea of soldering for our oppressors, taking orders without question or free thought.

    Tell me Black Warrior look all around you, from Africa to the Diaspora, to the hidden corners of Mother Earth, tell me what do you see in regard to the Black Woman and Man, the Black African Nation,the Black African Family if you will, look with clear thoughtful eyes and tell me what you really see, not what you wish or want to see but what do you thoughtfully see ?

    Who is that Black Giant, now crawling on all fours, looking for a hand out at every juncture of the Black Life and yet claim to be descendants of Queens and Kings and gods of the Cosmo and yet is unable to stand on Two Feet as a warrior ready to take command of the Black Life, which the great gift giver gave to us before all else on this Planet, claiming to be of Higher Intelligence.

    It is the Fool who pretend the way through Life, unable to look reality in its Divine Face and Time do the Fool no longer hold hands with, in the circle of Harmony, thus making the Fool to hide behind the wall of Bliss, which only last for a moment, after which excuses lose its vest of ignorance and is no longer capable of protecting the Fool from the obvious.

    Black Warrior, look at Africa and her people, wherever they are, observe her and our condition and the environment we now reside in, where is the sign for optimism, such a view of our condition, yet yielding optimism, is seen only through a soldier eyes,one whose Mind is in bondage, clouded with Lies being mistaken for Truths, as the Lie is gleefully elevated and the Truth condemned by the crippled Mind of the Soldier, one who gladly take orders rather that take command of our Life.

    america, a corpse in waiting, yet the Black american, the soldier out of Mental Focus, full of optimism, without just cause, happily dance and march to the beat of america Racist oppressive call, such a soldier behavior is a true sign of one having low self - esteem.

    For us to settle for what america has to offer us, is to settle for self damnation and to be a continue servant to a devilish behavior, whose pattern of devilish action toward us has not and will not change.

    The African in america has displayed the patience of Job and yet the affliction and injustice continue to flow in the guise of a crooked criminal injustice system, mass murder chambers, call capitol punishment, Mental and physical abuse on all Hue -Man Levels, Racism, Discrimination and Prejudice behavior, striking the Mental back and physical behavior of the African in america and yet we suffer by choice, under the hand and behavior of a Devilish Mind, refusing to look toward where our Freedom reside, physical as well as Spiritual and it most certainly is not america.

    Show me an African in america, here by way of the middle passage, that is optimistic about the African condition in america and I will show you a Mental Blind Fool, who have no evidence to back up such a mental position, other than to lie prostrated upon the cross of the oppressors Religion and such does not qualify as creditable Metaphysical Evidence, supported with scientific empirical Data of Mental Balance Thought, absent of Belief, Faith and Hope.

    To choose america over Africa, is the choice of a Foolish Soldier and yes, even while Africa being in the condition she is now in, such a choice in term of quality, does not change !!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation
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    Brotha you touch me so deeply with your eloquent heart filled evaluations I print it out and read it on my way home and let the thoughts that form bubble in me...
    speak on...
    the TRUTH shall be heard
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    Your are absolutely profound

    I am so proud to hear such a strong brother teach such beautiful truth. Stay strong my brother.