Black People : BLACK ON BLACK REALITY // mental questions !?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Questions of the black mind of black people

As black people, who speak of blacks , our needs hope and unity
as people of depression & struggles in today living our society

When we speak of hope and help build as people a togetherness
to try and unity why is it such a myth and never reality ???

What i notice is how one speak on blackness and the awareness
as people but still remain in the shadows of hope , when the need
come to help a friend // family a sista or brutha you may not know
would you ? or walk away ?

if a destee member who been here a while like months or years and
pour there heart out that they can no longer be here due to finance
and needs but love it here but can't the internet become the second
on the list to family matters or needs and hope to return someday
when the funds are better . What who you say to that member ??

So many talk about building and our needs how we need to be supportive
to one another and free the minds from the white man tales , but yet
so many still remain outside talking black game and not a supporter them
selves yet question the facts of one standards or what they are doing
is it because it's black on black ???

when one can go to K-mart and see an item or whatever and want it
love it and the price is high for it , do we question the price and leave
it, many time like 99.7% No we mumble about it and buy it , why because
it's what we want or love to have some even need, in all due respect we
are truely supporting K-mart without any questions or hardship is it
because it's a white own business for blacks or because we wanted that
item ???

How many really would help a person on the street another brutha
or sista without looking for reasons to not help them ???

why do we as black people have to have details broken down to us
when it come to another black and look for loop holes to be subjective
to being a supporter to the cause or the mission or the growth of
a black , we deem to find fault or guilt to get by on a way to say NO !
through cheap statements or be somewhat sarcasm about it why do
we do these thing to each other ????

What is it about us as Black people // african Americans even with
different beliefs or different forms of struggle we can't get along as
people without the war between us when struggling & depression is
still simply down and out as people define as struggling Black souls
and understand that it holds no different effects it all keeps us under
but to be of any unity bonding together as one people we can help
this one with there different problem and they can help with the next
and so on til a unify unity is born, we feel and believe this why we can't
but how many willing to make the first step and change in the direction
we all need to be in to help our self cause surely no one else will, tell
the mind why bruthas & sistas ???

Never say never // our ancestors never gave up// Malcolm never gave up
Dr. Martin Luther King didn't give up // Black slaves didn't give up ! so why
are we giving up on our own people ????

with so many threads here today about black love, unity, hope, what we
need, things that hold us back as people, the system, society, our deep
struggle & depression, black businesses, slavery, yet where is it that we
talk about what can be done to change this as people , what we can do
to make us a whole as people of color , i see why we need to but don't
hear who making that formal change is it we talk the goodness of blackness
our awareness and afraid to make the first step toward a better life if not
now but the future of our children or is it we just really don't care but
just going with the grain of the flow ??????

Don't just answer but be real people to your self no need to convince
others, but self and what's really inside your mind , heart & soul about
Black on Black people, Black minds , Black struggle do you really care.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Can you answer mindfully , honestly and for self only why !


Jul 2, 2003
Thanks for this post $$RICH$$ it is full of questions that need answers.

One must be doing the things and taking care of things ( paying bills so their credit is built. I see credit as a brick and mortar action. I place a brick, and add some mortar, and keep building. It doesn't take long if you know the ropes and pick your choices wisely ) you can to get things done. They need to and be doing their best at all times. Denying themselves for their children. Denying themselves until times are better. Working for what they need and want. Sowing seeds that produce fruit, and then claiming that crop. Storing some for rainy days. Because rain comes in life like it comes from the sky.

It will be seen by those they need in their lives that can help. I do believe in people I meet, that have a need, were part of some grand plan I know nothing of. Is it my destiny?

My mother told me when you meet someone, on the street that ask you for help, think it through before you say no. You know not to whom you speak. Could it have been an angel, and I know they watch over me. ( I have seen folks standing before me and then they are gone with no sign of when and where they went ) could it have been destiny we met? I would want someone to help me, if I needed it. I have had stangers and folks I have met, come to my rescue. BIG time. I give a little here and receive a lot there. GOD is great. I would never turn down anyone if I could really help. I AM A GIVER!

I have had folks receive helped from me, and I knew I was played. Those I know will suffer in the game. Fool me once, never getting a chance to fool me twice.

I help every chance I can. I do support black businesses. I give money to kids I see in the store debating what candy to return to the shelves. I am really concerned. I can only do so much, and not feel used. The elements are out here for this. I do question those who do things like drive their car and end up fifty miles away from getting home, knowing they left on empty and are now begging for gas money in a station. Especially when the guy is sitting in his car, and sending his girl to ask me. I told this girl, you know if I was of the mind to say, I would question your decision. Why are you with a guy who uses you like this? I saw he didn’t care about her safety. If I was a user, I would have gamed her way just to score. I did tell her if he wanted money, have him come ask me. I wanted to see his face, and let him know he had placed his love and affections. If they existed for her in jeopardy.

Yes I’m hard on other guys. This happened more than once. Black and White girls have gotten in my face asking for money for their lazy ( not man enough to do his own begging ), no account man. I won’t do anything I can’t afford to do. I wouldn’t send my lady into a situation, which would open her up to be used. It says a lot about the man.

You can lead a horse to water, ask it to drink, but there are no guarantees, that horse will recall where the well is or learn the lesson.

I can only remain in hope, for all those I know and don’t know. Users are out here. Looking for a victim. If someone couldn’t afford lights or internet, I couldn’t help them, because I don’t know how they have misused their own resources. Living it up, when they should be saving it up. I can sympathize with them, immediate family is different. I know how they flow. I can say to them. Straighten up your act, and do theses things I can help.

Folks have to know when a window is open, when I open a window for someone. I’m not going to put a glowing neon sign, making it obvious that I have opened it. It is open, and some have seen. It is a direction, for change. I may only get this one chance to help, and I will give it in a fashion to help you, help yourself the most. I know I have given and sacrificed for many I never knew or seen again. Then I have sen those I have helped and they changed. Doing better than me today, and truly thankful I helped.
I then find myself sometimes looking around when I need help, with no friends and family in sight. All I do is hope. Never quit, but stay open minded and work one person at a time because that is how I know how to eat an elephant.

Protect your credit, never use a credit card just because you have one. Use it when you really have no other choice. if you don't have one, get a credit card where you pay two hundred and they give you credit as you build up a pattern. From there you are launched again. Pile those building blocks and add some mortar ( common sense ).

How much more can I help? Well you have to personally ask me first! Then I can work thru almost anything of this earth with anyone. If I help and you flake. I walk away and let you know I can't help you, because you don't take this serious, don't listen and put into practice things correctly or help yourself properly. There is always a way and a plan to achieve. My question is are you ready ( to :run: ) for change?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Brutha HODEE you put it out there so well and to perfection and i honor you for that
one thing for sure we both feel and think a like and
YES i'm ready to stand and help make some kind of change a different in how we live
see each other and try any plan to work our way out of the struggling rut we in as people

Thank you brutha so much for the honesty and realism of ya heart .....

can anyone stand and be the LEADER ...sure we all can if we put some personal
emotions down and look at the whole picture as Black people what made me ask
these things from over the years here i watch how we speak of our people and what
seem to be our many problems but no one trying to help change them or even be a
true supporter of the cause we face right today we have a low rate here as Black people
who stood up we have like 1 to 2 1/2 % supporters but 33% percent talkers of how , who
and what but thats it ...

I really need to hear and know why !
why do we down our selves yet praise the next creed
what they have we can have as well and within our own community
time to put up or shut up people hot air not the key action is the real root
somebody PLEASE help me out make me understand like brutha HODEE.


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
Those are some thought provoking questions Rich. And you really went into depth with your answer Hodee. I don't know if this will answer your questions Rich, but this is what came to mind as I read this thread.
In general terms, I think that some people will only pay for what they have to pay for. That Kmart item is being bought because that is the only way the customer can obtain it. Point blank, I think some folks here will only pay for a premium membership if they have no other choice.
Is this a Black thing? In general, no, some folks, myself included, find it hard to get up off of a dollar. Should membership at destee be looked upon differently than say, a purchase at Kmart though? Yes, because unlike Kmart, this is a family. We are among other Black people, caring and sharing....And yes, bickering at times, but what family doesn't? Sometimes, we bicker because we care so much. This online community is about us, for us, and run by one of us. How often will that combination be found, any where?

A person who is struggling and depressed often does not make the best decisions. If you have a group of people who feel this way often enough, sure there will be problems in everything, including problems in getting along. All I can say to this, is if we all keep in mind to at least try to help just one other person, perhaps this can grow into more.

If I had the money, yes I would help another black person financially. I know this because when I was better financially situated in the past, I have. I have reached out to some on this site with words of encouragement, just because, well, I wanted to. It is amazing how involved we have become in others lives in this forum. You never know how you may have touched, and/or inspired someone here with your words, not just in the open forum, but in the poetry forum as well. and when you let someone know this, or they let you know how much of an impact you have made upon them, that connection, that embracement upon each other as Black people...I think that it is beyond amazing...Gee, Watz is at a loss for words, lol.

I even had the experience of having a member see that I had not paid my premium membership, and offer to help. This person said that they would genuinely miss me and my words if I was not here. I buckled down and paid for that month, but the fact that this member cared that much, touched my spirit so. And I let this member know that I would never forget it...My eyes are welling up with tears just thinking about this.

So Rich I think a change needs to be made, should be made. I don't claim to know the answers. But taking one small step at a time, won't hurt. Great thread.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
thank you sista watz for that deep insight , what i don't understand is how we as black
people who truely knows deep struggle and yet won't help not one soul is it that we as
people only think of our self or our inner family and not look at the next person or those
who may have an edge can't reach back and take a hand , feed a mouth or help mend a
heart of hardship , yet we talk about unity and bonding but no one willing to make that step
forward , see when it come to things of blacks we question it with every means to root out
a fault but enter a white own we pay with a smile and never ask or judge is it that they offer
better product or service to us then our own kind ???

Then we have sadly habits to step on the next brutha or sista who may not spell a word right
or may be a little less
did you know we have some of the most brightest mindful people right here in this community
that share great information and hold wisdom / knowledge but can make the cut to stay or
maybe at lost for internet service again i ask what or how do one say or say to that person????

with different beliefs and all can't we still see or understand that we are black people who
are struggling not only against whites and society but ourselves if we halfway came to agree
we could make an impact and change not always wanting to be the solo corrector but bend
and see others views and points to why they say what they do or feel it's what i call putting
it all in prespective , where do we start is the key and who will stand up start it like KING did
or how HUEY P. NEWTON did with the BPP that when nation wide they didn't start out with
richies but a plan a format a working order 10 steps common knowledge using wisdom that
too it to new high a meaning against this same struggle in a different way but the fact is they
came together as one whole to be that force , like the DECONS OF DEFENCE did after just
saying it's enough they stood up behind Marcus Clay and took it to the town the Mayor the
south and gov. BLACK MINDS & BLACK SOULS go hand n' hand we have to stop busting
on each other and bust some realism to work on this we can start we can stand but again
the question looms in the web will we who will and when ???

Thankz sista for your imput as i put us as Black folks in prespective .

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