Chief Elder Osiris : Black On Black Protection !!!

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    Black On Black Protection !!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Snitching use to be among Black folks when we slip and eat Ice Cream before Supper and we tell, or all of the clothes did not get Iron when they supposed to, somebody tell, in other words within the Black world, snitching use to be pertaining to domestic informing to those of the nucleus and extended family and as for as I am concerned, I rather it stay that way, call me old fashion if you like, because you will be 100% right.

    Now, let me ask Black people, what has happen to our Intelligence and any Black person who will say that today Black folks are acting intelligent I most seriously have to disagree with you and my evidence that give cause for me to be correct, Go Run, Run and fetch your Mirror and behold the image starring back at you which you are claiming to be intelligent, how can you in view of the factual condition of the Black World today as I speak.

    Oh no beloved, I do not share with you out of a desire for you to agree with me or for you to speak well of me, I share with you because I love you more than you Love your Black Selves and to top off why I share the Divine Truth with you, is because I know who you black people use to be and can be again, if only you begin to operate with your Divine Mind, instead of the Human Being Mind, because it is the Human Being Mind that have you suggesting that Black people do not need Black People protection, and you say so every Time you suggest that Black People do not reveal to Black People those that are acting evil against each other and we do, if that is snitching, then so be it beloved.

    Tell me, where is the Strong Hip Hoppers, why don't they see what is being portrayed of them by those who always had a problem with you, even though they skin and grin in your face and con you for your Money.

    No, I am not saying every act and word that came out of the Mouth of the Hip Hopper was/is Divinely correct, what I am saying to the Hip Hopper, that is not the issue right now, even though the Black Tricksters are attempting to cause it to be the major issue but the goal of those phony so call Black Leaders now in the midst of attacking the Hip Hop Aristocracy is to bring you down and if you fall, so do your base whom you influence, which happen to be the Young Generation.

    Beloved, are you asleep, do you not see who your enemy is in this contrived controversy, what you see is the Racist Media, which represent the White Aristocracy is calling in their chips from your so call Black Leaders and now you see who they are, as they are being projected by the Racist Media to attack you, claiming that they just want you to tone down your lyrics, what they are after beloved is to control the quality of lyrics you will be permitted to use, because you have a very Brave and aggressive base in the Black community that you influence, and even though I can not clearly understand what you say, they do, and can repeat you verbatim, so you have a base of Young People which you have strong influence with and beloved, White Folks are nervous about that, so they have summon their Negroes to chastise you and reduce you from bringing forth Lyrics that excite the Young Black potential warriors to become against america Racism and Unjustified Prejudice.

    To the real down Hip Hoppers, you had better see the hand writing on the wall that is against your style and lyrics of communication and come together to plan and strategize about what and how you will respond to what is now before you.

    Stay from before that Racist Camera, if you must respond to something assign someone other than yourself to speak in your behalf and I desire you do see the wisdom in that.

    Beloved your Lyrics that attack Black people and demean Black people and offer ill advice to Black people on how to act toward Black people, such Lyrics must stop, because that is the action of Black on Black Crime and your Code should be, that you will not attack Black people in a disrespectful and demeaning way, but those Negroes that have consented to be agents to our oppressors, they deserve no mercy from Black people as they go running around claiming to be Black Folks Leaders.

    Beloved, in view if the condition of the Black World and I speak collectively of the Black Nation, which is now split asunder, because of the action of those that played a part in oppressing Black people and those Negroes that serve as enablers to our Oppression and state of depression we now suffer from.

    There need be no more Black on Black Crime committed by us, there is a need for Black on Black protection of us, one to the other and your lyrics should promote such, and begin to give off a Revolutionary flavor so strong that the Demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation will be received, and only Freedom, Independence, and Divine Justice will be Black People Goal, not here in america, such is not practicable, but peace and Joy for the Black Life is attainable back in the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors and we the children of the Middle Passage do have a Divine Right to become the next State In Afrika because the Divine Black Nationalist know better than the rest of us Black People what the Honorable Marcus Garvey Meant and saw, when he informed us that Afrika is for the Afrikans and the Black World Must Be United Again.

    So beloved, it must not be about Not Snitching but it must be about Black on Black Protection.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The divine Truth !!!

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On, Continuing To Be Obedient To Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder