Black People : Black on Black Hatin' in the Workplace

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by aglo, May 2, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Oct 30, 2005
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    Unfortunately, when I taught, I never had the privilege to work in an all black setting. It was mostly nonblack and filled with a lot of racist nonsense. The resources that should have been there to optimize learning weren't there, neither were high expectations by and large. I would say that your experience, at least in that type of setting, was more unusual than not.
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    Jan 18, 2005
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    I also don’t understand. Maybe in the rush to get all Black educators they did not also look for the more qualified black educators. Maybe parents get a false sense of security and don’t get involved as much if now they think the children are look after better.
    A friends was telling me about a high school in Petersburg, va.
    The school used to have mostly white educators with about 90% black students. After they changed to all Black educators the learning went downhill. It was expected that Blacks would be able to understand and teach themselves better.
    The school now has the lowest SOL scores in the state and has the most state funding per student.
    It may just be certain schools.
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    Aug 24, 2002
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    The Diaspora
    Willie Lynch....plain and simple!
  5. oldiesman

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    Feb 9, 2006
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    black on black hatin...

    as far as the hatin part goes,yeah we're guilty as charged[i work in and all black workplace and see it everyday]now as for the education aspect all i can say is this,kids need the best education that we can give them i don't care what color the tacher is,hell i had black,white,oriental teachers back in the day and they all taught the same stuff,what we as parents need to be concerned with is what the curriculum is in the schools and are our young people getting what they're gonna need to make a decent living in today's society because when you strip it down to the bare bones that's what it's all about,because if it wasn't we could teach em at home,don't get caught up in the black white thing get caught up in the curriculum thing,peace out.
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    Apr 4, 2006
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    Sister, I would advise you to just do what you can for the children there, but make plans to leave that school district as soon as you can. I know you want to save the Black children there, but you can't do it alone. Trust me. It will wear you down.
    If you are worn down and out, you won't be any good for yourself or anyone else.

    Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives. We, Blacks, are not ready to build schools, institutions, companies, countries, ect. where we can thrive. So for now, find another school district that's less destructive to your psyche for now, and just take care of yourself.
  7. pdiane

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    This issue is prevalent throughout the school departments all over the country, except where there is African Centered Education. I suggest you look up where those exist and see if you can be part of them.

    Just because our children are in an all Black environment, does not mean that they will be educated by these so-called Black folks. Unfortunately, because of their mis-education they perpertuate that mis-education on our children. Thus our children still fail to do well. So I am not suprised that our childrn fail in an all black environment.

    We are charged by our ancestors to fight for our children, by doing this, we must demand African Centered schools or home school our children ourselves. Bottomline.

    OUr taxes pay for these negoes and whites to mis-educatate our children and we need to demand what is necessary for the survival of our race.

    This self-hating, back biting is designed. In the Boston Schools, these are the type of negroes they hire:

    negroes who are self-hating,
    walk pass you don't speak,
    blond hair, permed to your bald,
    harvaaard mis-educated,
    gay (that's a whole nother subject),
    white woman marrying,
    super christian,
    absolutely no policy questioning for our children's future,
    multi-cultural diverisity professing,
    scared of our children,
    just got off the boat wanta please white folks,
    scratch wear they don't itch,
    laugh when it ain't funny,
    europe travelling (never Africa),
    give you Black folks poor evaluations to please massa,
    black male special needs evaluating,

    TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS to run our schools.

    So what do we expect as an end result.

    All Black Teachers and Administrators must come up with plan to educate our children without a white supremacy as a theme.

    How can that be done? By starting Saturday and Sunday schools in you house, church, community center or wherever. Building a summer school program in Africa or Carribean as well.

    We may be "negroes with jobs" because we need money in amerikkka. However, we can't stop there, we must create an envorinment for our children to really learn about their glorious history.

    If some of us must work in these racist environments. You can always empower our children in parents on the side, by giving them reading materials on Black inventors, black books to read, places to go, Black education and parenting books by Dr. August Wilson, etc. Put together a package for all of your Black students and parents and slide it to them at the beginning and end of the school year.

    Also, use Black history month to bring in Black speakers, trips to Africa, Black everything!! Innovate your students with Blackness like it is going out of style (which it is,if we don't raise it up) particularly during that month. You won't get so much slack from your white and negroe conterparts. They will say "well it is Black history month". :happens:

    I hope this is helpful Aglo. Peace and love.
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    May 3, 2006
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    Sometimes I wonder if it is benefical for coloured children to be taught in an area where there is a large coloured population. This may sound strange. I used to live in an area where there were quite a lot of Indians as myself, and my son at the time was in grade one. His grade one teacher, an older white woman, treated him (and the other coloured kids), really differently and with indifference to the white kids. I saw it myself, as I helped out at the school quite a lot. As a result my bright boy hardly learned a thing. I still feel bitter about it, I feel bitter because no matter who I went to, nobody listened. I wrote down instances of the stuff she was doing or not doing, her unfairness, her total disrespect for the coloured kids etc. But all the other teachers were white there and nothing was done. I noticed that when white parents complained they got action. One particular white parent wanted her son out of this teachers class, and the next day he went to another class, while mine just had to suffer on. Oh, and she highly preferred the girls to the boys, a lot of parents were complaining about that. This particular teacher treated her friends kids and other teachers kids with preference too. This was a small town that I lived in at the time.

    Infact come to think about it, i remember being piszzed, because the teachers kids ALWAYS got the best parts in Xmas plays and always were at the front of the stage. And I mean always, year after year. Again the Principal did nothing. It was only outsiders (speciaist like speach threarpist etc), that came in that noitced this.

    We all paid out taxes for our kids to be taught, and teachers are paid to teach our children fairly and justly and not out of preference for favourites.

    Yes, I'm still angry about it. I should have reported this teacher to the Education Board, but instead I took my family and moved away.

    There is not doubt about it, there are racist teachers out there. Funny thing is, now I live else where, where most are white (no Indians at all), at the schools, and my kids are really happy and the teachers seem like a good lot. I don't understand it, it seems that a little devil of hate comes out in some people when they see too many coloureds or something.