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    I thought this was pretty interesting. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    If you know any other positive brothers or sisters anywhere around the world, make sure they hear about this from you.



    The TAG TEAM Network is one of the largest and fastest growing Networks for positive Black people who wish to do business, network, exchange ideas, socialize, have fun and empower each other.

    Much like the exclusive social clubs where business deals are made, the TAG TEAM Network provides an exclusive environment where positive Black people can network online as well as at our off-line networking events.

    --Create a Free Profile about your Business or Organization

    --Get the word out about your product or service

    --List your business or organization in the online Black Business Directory

    --Promote your new product or service to hundreds of thousands of positive brothers and sisters around the world

    24-hour online Networking

    Right now thousands of positive Black Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals from all over the world are all networking, exchanging information and creative ideas, creating business deals all for FREE.


    Become a part of the TAG TEAM Network at

    Step 1: Click on the TAG TEAM OPPORTUNITY tab

    Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and click Join TAG TEAM

    Step 3: Click on NETWORKER (It’s Free)

    Step 4: Complete the online form and click Submit

    VERY IMPORTANT STEP 5: Referral Information This section must be completed correctly so your information can be processed quickly.

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    Step 5: Click on Submit Member Application

    If you have any questions on Membership contact Erroll E. Paden at 202-528-6139.

    I’ll see you in the TAG TEAM Network at


    BLACK BUSINESS SEMINAR: Norfolk, VA April 30, 2005

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    Location: Norfolk, VA
    Time: 9am-5pm
    Professional Dress

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    If you are like many who live in an are where there is no live Black Business Seminar scheduled, now the live event in available on 6 audio CDs or 6 audio Tapes. If you can’t go to the Seminar, then bring the Seminar to you. Each audio set comes with a Workbook of everything that was covered at the Seminar. It’s like being at the live event every time you pop in a tape or cd. Learn the secrets to creating Million Dollar Black Business from the brother who has done it and is doing it, Delxino Wilson de Briano. He earned his first million at age 26. Now he is on a mission with his wife to teach every brother and sister that is ready to learn.


    One brother in New York used the information from the CDs for his real estate business. A week after listening to the tapes, he used the techniques on the tapes to close 5 major real estate deals that netted him $80,000 in commissions.

    Another sister in Connecticut let her daughter listen to the tapes and then received a call a week or so later from her teacher wondering why her grades had shot up so fast.

    That audio series is amazing!!!! Don’t wait. Experience the magic. Order your copy TODAY.

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