Chief Elder Osiris : Black Nation Within A Nation Call America

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My beloved, is it no wonder the AfroDescendants in america is no better off
    than we are, based on the way we are conditioned to believe and not think
    and I must conclude that our way of believing come from the Effect Chattel
    Slavery has had on our mental make up as Black americans.

    Oh yes, you see we have a diverse of mentality floating around in america,
    so much so to the point we have among the descendants of our Enslaved
    African Ancestors, those among us who revel in being labeled as Colored,
    Negro, African american, Black american, just plain american and now
    AfroDescendants and it is the latter description that give credence to the
    victims of Chattel Slavery, with some autonomy as a defined ethnic group.

    Clearly we have emerged from the body of our Enslaved African Ancestors, to
    become a special and unique people, a Nation within a Nation in america, a
    Nation still in bondage, with no place to call our own, in term of having
    power and authority and the ability to become self govern.

    The children of the middle passage, the AfroDescendants if you will, has now
    become a Nation resolved to play the hand that has been dealt to us by our
    oppressors, a hand that will not ever be able to win respect for our Hue -
    Man Rights, Independence and Justice, tools necessary to have in our
    possession if Peace, True Love and Happiness is to ever visit us again.

    We, with the exception of the AfroDescendants but all else, we choose to be
    addressed by, have resolved to just make do with what has been given to us
    by our oppressors, as we go through life in america, pressing to become
    americans, choosing to love it rather than leave it.

    We condition ourselves into believing and most certainly not thinking, that
    we can become a viable respectable Nation within the Nation of america, no
    greater lie has ever been told or alluded to than that.

    There can never be two masters living in the same house and most certainly
    of different kind and belief about each other, for therein reside love and
    hatefulness one toward the other and in such an environment, peace and
    happiness can not and will not reside.

    As our Ancient African Ancestors said so eloquently, honor and respect will
    not be where there are two masters in the same house, ( nation within a
    Nation ) there must be love or hypocrisy, respect or distrust and anything
    in between is a danger to life, there is no straddling the fence when it
    come to Nationhood dressed in independence.

    So for Black Folks in america, known by many descriptions, to pretend that
    working for economic development, community control of institutions and
    political involvement in america, will solidify, with respect, Black Folks
    becoming a Nation within a Nation, with all of the trapping that secure a
    sovereign, solvent, independent powerful and authoritative Black Nation
    within the Nation of america, to believe such, become the sign of a mind in
    perpetual bondage, with no desire to escape.

    We the children of the middle passage, have become resolve to just make do
    with what is handed to us by our oppressors, mimicking our way through life
    pretending to be somebody we are not and that is white in america, the badge
    of your natural true identity will not allow us to properly disguise
    ourselves, because it is the true sign of eternal infinity, your Blackness I
    speak of Carbon Sister and brother.

    Hate it though you may, it is with you until death.

    A Nation within a Nation call america, not so and not even a Nation within
    a Nation call Africa, we AfroDescendants must become a Nation of the Nation
    of Africa, working toward the reunification of the African Nation.

    Anything less, secure our status as a buck dancing people, all lip and no
    action of pride and self respect, just comfortable in being in the presence
    of our oppressors, seeking their instruction and guidance, waiting for the
    next batch of welfare to be dropped off to us in many disguises.

    Without the proper defining and use of Reparation / Repatriation, the Black
    Nation can look forward to a permanent agonizing place of which we now
    reside, as we play, Nation within a Nation call america.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Let The Devil Be Damned, Be They White, Jew, Arab Or Black clothed In
    Confusion !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

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    that was **** good
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    Hmmm...Well, this is the same throughout the Diaspora. Every "Afro-Descendant" in the world living above and within poverty is subject to the White power structure.

    Yes, in "pockets" and in stages, we have attained/maintained some level of "independence."

    But, IMO, we have never been (and, perhaps, never will be) totally autonomous....Yes, we can create/form our own economic ventures; but we will still have to do business with other non-African companies around the world. ----Just as our ancestors did when we ruled our own kingdoms.

    However, as it's said, "If it can be done once, it can be done again."

    Within this country, we've had our own towns and communities which were separate and, to an extent, economically independent from White society.

    So, IMO, as time has passed with all its changes, we should find a way to, collectively, keep our "Black dollars" circulating for and amongst Black people.