Black Poetry : Black Mens War In The Darkness Of Cause

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    Black Mens War In The Darkness of Cause
    Let not the welter branch be his history of life.
    Feed it within the wisdom of great understanding.
    Nurture it well it shall grow.
    Let the sun shine upon its earth.
    Never over water the roots of its foundation.
    It shall welter and die, it may grow within the weeds.
    The beauty of its flower shall be no more.

    The seed you sow Is the seed you know,
    Actions speak louder than words.
    Let not thy words be sanction by the devils threats ,
    I the armor of the almighty pen.
    It is not what you say but what you due,
    Is what I see in you ,can not dig it up are sanction truth,
    Your roots are what I see ,your reactions to what I see,
    Death is death upon the rotten roots.
    There is no longer a spirit.
    Assimilation is a word or action.
    I the spoken words shall not ever walk through the back door.

    simulation of power shall never be applauded,
    power to be place upon an ignorant mans hand,
    danger to all for which it stands.

    The pain of conflicts that scares the soul.
    Acceptability’s to truth has no conditions.
    Without truth inflicts the darkness,
    nightmares impossible to reflect a dream.
    Society death an darkness.
    Pondering the Universe,
    Loyalty to truth shall prevail.
    Proclamations of justice.

    Nevertheless of roaring storms.
    Hides behind the darkness of haunted hearts.
    The maintained of spiritual freedom,
    sustain truth within the minds of the just,
    and the scorns shall disappear,
    within the realms of doubt.
    Corruptions of Humanities sings its on song.
    Internal an completion of God.
    Life as its movements centered,
    around the circle of wrong.
    Mean less words shall not touch ,
    the harden heart.

    Influencing the properties of love,
    Prejudice of love verses prejudices of hate,
    .the balance of love .

    Should Black Men go to war?
    what is his purpose?
    When the war is right here.
    Who is the man who will go to battle?
    And turn his back on
    his own brother. Brain wash technolgy,
    flash you in the face. Oh
    how great is your love freedom
    who fights for your cause?

    Lord protects me from self.
    This battle is long going and resurrection
    Is in need to become one.
    Lord protects me from self. The blinders come
    On and off. Lord the Angels that you send,
    to protect me from harm. When
    I should embrace.
    I fear those who come with open arms. Lord why must
    I battle what’s in my heart.
    The battle within is tearing me apart. When
    I know what’s right are wrong.
    Lord protects me from my self.

    Who will fight for his brother,
    for the same cause?
    Freedom for another man,
    what about yours,
    Respect Black men ,
    who refuses to be enslaved.

    Is war any different ,
    than the black man next door?
    Who is the brother who ,
    will travel around the world for
    defeat? When just 5 months ago
    they were killing his
    brothers in the street.
    Am I an anti American.
    I don't think

    So why is it so hard for those,
    who live abroad? Who will fight
    for our children cause?
    Who will be the first one on the
    line? Will it be you? Who will fight for the unity of the
    Black Family and children ,
    who are lost in the streets?
    Who will fight that our children will have
    equal opportunity others?
    When we can go to another land,
    to kill another man, even though he
    fights for the same cause.

    Don’t hate the brother ,
    who has taken the opportunities that
    you were too lazy to explore.
    As the world turns Satan your
    kingdom will come down,
    And who are those who will die on the
    line for a cause. Which have no reasoning.
    Slave masters
    syndromes judging our brothers ,
    of the holy land. For the cause
    of a few men, As they flash the flag,
    united all that are
    free. Mummies where do you live?
    I stand with my brothers who

    As my brothers who have fought,
    many wars before. Treated
    like second-class citizen fighting the same war.
    No honor as
    men. When God speaks now the enslave,
    become the warriors of
    all men.
    Where is the war on poverty?
    And the unity between father
    and son.

    Babies who are in shelters,
    Nevertheless his mama is zombie
    who walks upon the land,
    Family is family in the unity of man.
    Motherless, Fatherless children,
    living in a strange land, who gives
    a dam about the children of the new
    foundation. Me my self and I
    those who walk in
    the name of unity a bandit them,
    Out of sight, out of mind.

    Who and what is my brothers cause?
    Battle between women and men.
    Who fights the battle so they
    can mend. Oh how important we are ,
    as great people and
    citizens, they feel the streets with drugs.
    Killing your
    legacy without a cause.
    Who war is this?
    What role do you
    play in your own cause?

    The Great and the Mighty ump...
    where is my face upon the
    leaders of today.
    Flash one plus two is three. Black
    face as me, As the soldiers hold the flags.
    Flash no face as
    me, As the leader speaks ,
    and the brothers began to speak.
    Flash bulletined no time ,
    for my brother to speak. Wall street
    Flash more important than the brother,
    which they dismiss his
    message for the world to see.

    Flash who war is this?
    And who are the one's who will fight
    the battle for God.
    That all man must come in righteous
    cause. And who is the warrior,
    when prayers were taken out of
    school? Message that God's words,
    were not worthy to be herd.

    Who fights the battle to implement,
    love and peace? Because
    one man say no.
    The enslave says yes master. I will put my
    life on the line for you.
    What is a battle without a cause?
    God bless the people who were taken,
    without cause. But God
    reasoning is not for us to resolve. There is a message in all
    of his words. He made the world so stop and pray.


    Noumi Collections
    Copywriter 2002
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    bring it to what real
    love it when u scribe
    and bless the page
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    I love it as well :) such passionately concerned words :)
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    this is good
    who purpose does
    it serve