Black Entertainment : Black men, you failed your fellow black man, Nate Parker


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Jan 20, 2015
Black men*, you failed your fellow black man, Nate Parker. You didn’t rush out to your local movie theaters in droves to see his film. You didn’t gather your nephews, sons, uncles, grandfathers, fraternity brothers, boyfriends and purchase close to the 60% of ticket sales generated by black women.

Black man, what stopped you from going to the movies? Were there some black women standing in the way and the lines were too long? Did it bother you that he allegedly raped a woman in college? Were you also a victim of sexual assault? Honestly, any excuse you’d come up with now, would be moot. Because black women have been dragged for the last several days online because of it.


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
instead of men blaming women...and women blaming men, why don't we say:
- the controversy surrounding Nate Parker
- the sensitivity to supporting anyone in anyway connected to the sexual assault of a woman
- the notion that there are a growing trend among African Americans that we should get away from the slavery topic
all played a role in how the movie numbers played out.
but even with all those things going against it, the movie still came in at (whatever the numbers were). That's not dismal. That's not a failure. There were other movies that didn't do as well...even though they didn't have as much drama surrounding them. It's okay to have an opinion. it's okay not to like a movie...for whatever reason. And how you feel should never be blamed for the success or failure of a movie coming out the box. It's the film crew's--producers, directors, etc--responsibility to sell the movie to the public. if they fail to do that, they're to blame...not the public, for not going to see it.

just an opinion.


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Jan 20, 2015
I can agree with your opinion.

I think we should look at what's going on. Black men and women are being divided over a movie. Is that a coincidence or by design.

I believe Roland Martin's video struck a cord with a lot of Black women. Let's see if his career is affected.

White people view D.W. Griffith version as their History. I haven't seen Griffith silent movie, but reading the reviews, I'm inclined to believe that his movie is telling the real story about the Reconstruction era/Birth of a Nation.

Everything I've read about his version, is similar to what I've studied on the Reconstruction era. It was the most racist movie ever made. The Reconstruction period WAS the most racist period in American and Black history. In was an ugly, hateful, racist period. Because not only slave holders were in power, but poor whites could show their hate towards "former slaves", and they did. Griffith version birthed the KKK.

Nate Turner Rebillion was mas more than 30 years before "slavery was abolished". I believe the Title of Turners movie is confusing for whites, and maybe some blacks, including myself, who know their history of reconstruction.
Nat Turners Rebellion was not the birth of this Nation.
The title should be Nat Turners Rebellion.

I do believe some white person is responsible for making Parkers past the main topic, and dividing Black men and women. Roland Martin's comments started the fire.


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Jan 20, 2015
Black men should be ashamed of themselves. Buying into the notion that Black women were somehow responsible for the low turnout during the first day or week of the movies showing. More Black women have supported this movie than Black men, since more women are movie goers.
We want an apology for being blamed for something that is not true.

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