Black Money Business Jobs : Black Men With No Criminal Record Have Higher Unemployment Rate than White Men With Criminal Records

Sister Destee, you're right. A few years back, a sociologist named Devah Pager did a study of discrimination *in the form of* what sociologists call stratification that occurs during the hiring phase of job seeking by felons vs non-felons. I'm posting a link to the actual study:

Thing is, as the numbers of women being incarcerated is rising, the same patterns of stratification is probably happening to them, too--though in Pager's study, she focused on the hiring outcomes for Black males.

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I came across this one ... and you have posted the link I was looking for, but couldn't find (to add to this:
i do think black people focus to much on working for the white man and others, instead of building their own corporations and companies. In general I think once a black man gets a nice paying job he forgets about the struggle and doesnt try to help out other black men still struggling.

I always wondered how asians, and hispanics come over from their countries and start up business. Then I found out they have a network with investors (almongst themselves), and help each other out financially so they can start business.
I agree to Caramel de leche post as with others.
I understand and realize that we have so much mistrust, distrust, and other issues that really prevent us from even phantom a day that we will be wise enough to pool our resources.
We can't even depend on each other just to do the right thing with other money.
For some reason they get it, that money is a tool!!!! not a God or more valuable than a person worth or value.

We are also too greedy and disrespectful towards a person that we are even willing to take advantage of a person situation or circumstance that we give ourselves a bad image and reputation as being "crooked", "dishonest", and "untrustworthy".
They made it so dangerous and unsafe to run a business in our community that many people don't see the use.


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