Black Positive People : Black Men With High Blood Presure, See Your Barber?

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    Black men have the highest rate of hypertension-related death of any group in the U.S. (three times the rate of white men), partly because high blood pressure goes untreated in so many African Americans. To help remedy the problem — especially in patients who haven't sought a doctor's care — public health officials have long offered regular blood pressure screening at common places of congregation: churches, community centers and barbershops. Question is, do such interventions work?

    Some of these initiatives have been ongoing since the 1980s, but until now no one has done a systematic study of their effects. Now, a new study of 17 Dallas-area barbershops with primarily black clientele finds that when barbers offer free blood pressure screening and encourage patrons with high blood pressure to see their doctor, it helps people control their hypertension. (More on Want Good Health? There Are 10 Apps for That)

    In the study, barbershops were assigned to be either an "intervention" shop or a control shop. In the intervention shops, barbers began with a 10-week baseline BP screening. Over the next 10 months, barbers offered clients BP checks with every haircut, and urged those with high blood pressure to see a doctor. They also gave clients referral cards to give their doctors with their latest BP readings. As extra motivation, the barbers were trained to tell clients "model" stories about other patrons who benefited from getting their hypertension under control.

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