Black People : Black men respecting one another.


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Nov 2, 2009
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I've been talking alot lately about, what I call, "The Respect Deficit" among black men in particular; black people in general. That said, it always feels good to see black men showing, accepting and returning respect to one another. This clip is about basketball.. but it's also about respect.



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Jan 28, 2001
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"Respect." Something most of us are taught, as kids, but lose along the way to adulthood. It's like we're in a constant state of competition...that we have to prove we're better than the brother beside us. so much so that we find ourselves putting him down, in some way, to prove our worth. but, like my mother taught us; if you have to put another person down, to prove your worth, you're worthless. Your value, as a person, should never be dependent on someone being less valuable than yourself. It should be self-evident...without having to point to someone else, or something else. if not, you need to work on SELF.

Unlike many jocks, who feel that sports is everything...who only major in something minor because they have to list something, Rajon carried a 4.0 GPA in Math, while playing sports. so, no, he's no "dumb jock" as people like to refer to athletes as being.

Props, skuderjaymes, for recognizing that we don't have to undermine our brothers and sisters, in order to shine brightly.

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