Black People : Black men dating racist white women.

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Jun 18, 2004
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Feb 28, 2009
I have NOT "judged and condemned ALL Black women" by saying that THOUSANDS of them are untrustworthy!

You sound RIDICULOUS trying to twist the TRUTH!
It is YOU who sounds RIDICULOUS.

Throughout this thread, you have CONTRADICTED yourself. You have made BLANKET GENERALIZATIONS about Black women; and, ADMITTEDLY, you have a low opinion of African Americans in general as well.

First, you said that there are "SOME good Black women."

Then, you said that the "MAJORITY" of Black women reflect this video.

THEN, you said "THOUSANDS" of Black women reflect this video.

Out of ONE SIDE of your mouth, you CLAIM to "LOVE" Black women while out of the OTHER SIDE, you condemn, judge and degrade Black women IN GENERAL by your personal experiences/exposures, erroneous statistics, and reality tv shows.

But, you had the AUDACITY to tell another poster NOT to judge all cases of BLACK MEN or BLACK FATHERS by his personal background!

You have repeatedly quoted the Bible saying "no MAN is perfect;" but, obviously, you expect BLACK WOMEN to be PERFECT. And when you have experienced those who are NOT, you have painted OTHER Black women with the same brush.

No, "THOUSANDS" of bad Black women do not equal the behavior of the "MAJORITY" of Black women; but you have implied that each is SYNONYMOUS with the other.

And, for Black women who are divorced, YOU DON'T KNOW why their marriages ended. You DON'T KNOW if they initiated them nor why.

But, because you saw a STATISTIC on TV, that fit RIGHT IN with your PRE-JUDGEMENT of Black women in general.

No, you don't "LOVE" Black women. You talk outta BOTH sides of your mouth making Black women the VILLAINS based on the behaviors of "THOUSANDS" which YOU equate with the "MAJORITY."

And, for even the "THOUSANDS" of Black women who do reflect this video, you have also given those "THOUSANDS" of BLACK MEN a PASS placing ALL of onus of responsibility and accountability on Black women. You DON'T KNOW their backgrounds or marital histories; but you've given the blame SOLELY to Black women.


Feb 28, 2009
It IS their fault!

.....The racist white chick was RIGHT about blackwomen, but I LOVEthem anyway!!!!!
Anyone with a BRAIN knows that NO MAN is PERFECT.

I got the 65% divorce rate statistic for african american women from a cable news channel.

Being from the hood, I have SEEN enough black women CHEAT on their husbands to fill a Reverend Sharpton church service on Sunday!

Each case must be judged on an INDIVIDUAL basis.

Not all such cases are alike.

....On the other hand, I have known a FOOLISH black man who had a GOOD wife and ABANDONED her and his children.

That's why I said you shouldn't paint ALL such cases with a broad brush, but should look at the situations individually, case by case.

You shouldn't judge ALL such cases by your own personal experiences....


I think I saw that video before and all I will say is that african americans are indeed a lost people....

Yes, for the most part, but there are some good black women out there.

She wasn't right about ALL blackwomen, but the MAJORITY.
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