Black Spirituality Religion : Black Men are not Positioned to judge Black Women


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Aug 21, 2012
It should be noted from the outset, there are no arguments being made here claiming there are no behaviors which should not be categorized as unusual or antithetical to a culture. However, in many instances, the behaviors which are objectionable usually is so only in light of another's perception. That perception can be found to have been developed through a cultural bias which would be later imposed on those being "judged." If I was raised by a certain religious book, all others will be deemed ineffectual.

Generally speaking, one should always be cautious when formulating conclusions, offering advice or attempting to correct the behavior of others. It becomes even more so complicated when it relates to black men trying to decide what behaviors are appropriate for Black Women.

Through case studies, ancient narratives and other forms of evidence I would like to discuss the metaphysical aspects of the impossibility of casting judgment upon Black Women. That is to say, there is no acceptable historical records available which show where black men was bequeathed the power to sit in "judgment" of Black Women. And even when something of this nature defied the aberration and should have occurred, it was always more so favorable when the black men of the society praised, protected and provided for their women.


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Aug 21, 2012
And what of the reverse?

Yes Sir, Black Women can judge black men. It has always been that way. How do you think Kings were able to assume the thrones? It was the Queen, Black Woman, who bequeath the transfer of power. I will be discussing the throne and Kingdom more in the 10 Kabalah Moons room.

But he had to go through a process, did he not? Even if it were among the male members of the immediate family, there was a form of nepotism because she was charged (not given) with the duty to choose from, let's say, several of her great black sons.

She loved all her sons but knew only one could assume the throne. So what did she do? She watched them as they developed and as they grew into men until she finally had to "judge" their characters in order to nominate the one who would lead her great nation.

The great Ancient Kingdoms of the world have always belonged to Black Women and so she was the ultimate power to "judge" who will run them.

In Ancient Rome, the Sybils (Black Women) were called upon to "judge" the cogency of matters both religious and political. Through the wisdom of the Black Woman's judgment, the ancient states of Greece were unified.

And they called upon them, the Sybils (also spelled Cybeles, or Cybils) when the black fathers of the nation could not adequately solve certain issues regarding the state. It's like if you and I can't come to an agreement on something because we may have a stalemate; then we will call upon Queen Destee, as the leader of the nation-state and as ultimate judge and final authority to settle the issue. She will then take up the matter perhaps with some of her sisters which is properly called the Zodiac. That's the derivative of that word.

Zodiac means, loosely, " a circle of majestic Black Women, with the power to judge."

I witnessed a dozen Zodiacs in various numbering sets when in Kemet. Here's a photo I took in Luxor Temple. These are all Black Women sitting in "Judgment." There are no Brothas in this room. This is a photo you probably don't find writers and many scholars of Kemetology discussing.
Lxr temp.png


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Aug 21, 2012
Placing any person, woman or man, on a pedestal is not a game anyone should play ....

... feel free to title that one idolatry.

In the absence of (your own) data which can contradict or challenge what I have put before you thus far, you're only opining. You're basically standing up in class saying:

"I disagree, but I have no evidence to prove my disagreements."

Which means that you're being fueled on emotionalism, and not facts.

You failed to take on the evidence I noted about ancient Rome, the Sybils and the 8 Black Women in the Judgment seats carved in stone located in the Temple of Luxor (which I personally took).

Either examine and critique what I present or concede to the theme of the room.

And I doubt very seriously if you even know what idolatry really means?


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Aug 21, 2012
I have yet to see you provide one citation for anything that you've presented thus far.

Pot calling kettle ?

You mean "facts".

Again, citations? You've only presented your doctrine.

I did ask a question followed up by a response. Thus far, you've displayed your emotionalism.

Then you should seek very seriously to deal with your own issues before addressing those of others.

Stay focused please.


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Aug 21, 2012
Perhaps this "judging" you speak of is rather crap testing that women do to men periodically especially within relationships?

It's a difficult task to stay on topic when evidence is required huh? Again, you're only opining. What you're doing is laying a foundation for the Black Woman vs black man antagonism scenario. This room is not about bashing either our Queens or our Brothas. Bashing is easy. Anybody can do that.

I'm seeking to engage with more mature, insightful persons on this theme. Persons who can provide evidence and facts to support their claims.

You see, when you bring facts and evidence to the discourse you allow others to weigh the evidence and consider the facts to determine what position is more cogent.

I would love to have an exchange with you. But only if you intend on presenting some facts and evidence to the discussion.

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