Black People : Black Market Value

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    Being that the "Black American" is probably still a commodity... do any of you think we are being used well or correctly?

    The idea of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property" was the framework of being free from the oppressive rule of a power hungry beast (in their case a "Monarchy").


    But we often fail to realize, the "Pursuit of Property" included "live stock" (creatures that could be purchased and owned for value that were not considered human).

    NFL & NBA Draft... most televised "drafts" in any of the major sports entertainment businesses.


    MLB age requirement - 18 yrs
    NHL age requirement - 18 yrs
    FIFA age requirement - 17 yrs
    NFL age requirement - must be at least 3 years removed from their high school graduation
    NBA age requirement - 19 yrs

    Not wanting to focus on the sports aspect, just using for the benefit of this discussion


    I have read the thread entitled
    Are Blacks U. S. Citizens?

    If we conclude this to be not true, then we are essentially "commodities".
    Are we being used effectively?


    But if we conclude this to be true, and even more so... the claim that we are the " Sons of 'G-d' ", then we have plenty of work to do to gain our proper identity.