Black People : Black Man Praised After Slapping White Woman For Calling Him A Ni**er

Anyone can be arrested under the suspicion of committing a crime. Plenty of innocent people are arrested each day in the US. Trump's statements can easily embolden many cops to feel it is fine to rough up a suspect, even if they have nothing on the person beyond their personal suspicion, many times based on their biased racial views. You do not have to worry about the consequences of his statements being a citizen of the UK, but we here in the US have to deal with the fallout from crass statements made by the President to police officers cheering him.

Second, Sessions support of asset forfeiture of anyone arrested under the suspicion of drug trafficking goes against the US IV Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure of property. There are many cases of people having their money, property, and other assets seized without ever being charged for a crime. The only way to regain the money is to go to court, adding another financial lost. Add in the fact that all it takes for a person to be arrested on drug charges in the US is for the officer to believe you are a suspect, it is pretty easy for an innocent person to end up having assets seized. Which has happened enough in the the US that many states were passing new laws to curb their police force use of asset seizures. Sessions is working to give those same police forces a means of bypassing their new state laws to continue the practice.

You can fight every person who calls you the n-word all you want. I personally feel we should focus on more important issues like voting rights, government policies, and economic issues. Worrying about whether some racist person calls me something out of my name is just not on my list of what is important. If people feel my refusal to support their position of reacting to every insulting use of the n-word with violence is disrespectful, then so be it. I prefer to use violence when it is actually called for, and an old women calling me the n-word does not meet my violence required criteria.

Then you sue the he!! out of the PD that arrested you right?. That's what we do in England.

Sessions can propose anything he wants until someone stops him. In my opinion so long as you ain't no drug dealer or criminal you have no need to worry.

We have to fight every racist issue as they arise. It's safe for me to say now that these small racist issues mean nothing to YOU however, there are people out there that are fully focused on these small issues because they can easily escalate into big issues.

Voting rights in 2017 is a personal thing in my opinion i.e., get the correct documentation and go vote, same here in England.
it's come back to me now. over 20/30 years ago my downstairs neighbor white female called me an uppity ******.
i told her "you dammed right" and laughed in her face.

So now you remember being called a ni**er, an uppity one at that, how convenient. Me thinks you have to have skin in every discussion that you've ended up making a total fool of yourself. Then, to get yourself out of the hole you've dug for yourself you start spouting the definition of the "word" ni**er. So now, every white devil in the building where you lived were free to just call you ni**er and get away with it??.


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