Black Spirituality Religion : Black Man...did you tell a 乃lack ❤oman she's 乃eautiful today?


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Aug 21, 2012
I recognize that there is a line drawn in the sand between you and several others on the topics that you present in threads you start. I wish that the conversations would be less contentious though. Does this concern you as well? How can we improve on the exchange in dialogue?

Queenie :heart:

Beautiful Queenie...allow me to respond to your question with a parable an elderly Black Queen told me the first time I was in West Afrika about 12 years ago. It goes something like this.

The lamb was drinking water from the stream when suddenly a pack of rabid wolves came to challenge the lamb.

Lamb: Hello Wolves.

Wolves: Do not greet us lamb, because we are going to rip you apart.

Lamb: Why, Mr. Wolves?

Wolves: Because this is our fountain.

Lamb: I'm sorry, but this fountain belongs to the entire village.

Wolves: Well, we are going to rip you apart because you are dirtying our part of the stream with your drinking.

Lamb: But the stream flows from you to me, not me to you.

Wolves: Well, we are going to tear you apart because 6 months ago you tore our trees down.

Lamb: But Mr. Wolves...I wasn't born six months ago.

Wolves: Well, it doesn't matter we're going to tear you apart anyway.

Beautiful Queenie...anyone will tell you that I rarely visit the rooms of others. And in those rare occasions, it's usually because it's a disrespect to our Queens or something to that effect or something unique which draws my attention. I basically try and stay focused on the mission: to ensure Black Women are represented as beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated. In all my rooms, there are those who wish to silence me because I uplift Black Women. All the other stuff presented are smoke and mirrors. As you've just seen concerning the "dirtbag broad" inconsistency dynamic, we all see and know how they really feel about Black Women...and those few who protect those who call Black Women names like that.

I was raised not to be pugnacious Queen. However, I was taught and --am highly skilled-- in checking those who are constantly displaying aggression towards Black Women. Check my records here on the board and off. I am one of the most peaceful Brothas you could know. But again, one should never mistake patience and kindness for weakness and or characterize a legitimate defense for Black Women as "contentious."

Metaphorically speaking, one does not ask the one who is being taunted and jeered why did he eventually give the bullies (plural) bloody noses. Especially when the bullies had several months worth of warnings.


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Sep 3, 2011
what happen when erybody was beauty. no body was ugly.

Nothing happened :) lol what I mean by everyone is not attracted to everyone they see is... as some people catch your eye and draw you in and some don't, not that they are ugly but just unattractive, that's it. I do believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way but I cannot say I am attracted to everyone :) and still appreciate the diversity of what we created.

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