Black People : Black Male, Black Female Relationships

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    I would like to recommend the following article to those who are serious about wanting to comprehend some of what's happening between Black Men and Black Women. Since it is a fairly in-depth article, I've put it on a web-page linked below, so you can bookmark it and read it at your own pace. It doesn't claim to have all the answers; just putting some of the issues in a clearer perspective.

    " is obvious that many external and internal factors affect Black male/Black female relationships. Many of the external factors are beyond our power to control, yet there are some things we can control. We can change how we relate to each other. We can love and support each other. We can stop hurting and downgrading each other. We can change how we define ourselves. We can place more emphasis on our spiritual development. We are not worthless. We are not void of emotion. We are not un-loveable. When we suffer from depression counseling is available. We need to know our history. When we know our history we will not be so quick to judge each other or ourselves for our shortcomings. Knowing our history will allow us to celebrate the determination Black men and Black women have demonstrated in the past, and continue to demonstrate in spite of horrendous odds against us. Knowing our history will help us build better and stronger Black male/Black female relationships."