Black People : Black Male And Black Female Relationships

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    You gotta hear the sister, what she says is one of the best breakdowns i ever heard......;)


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    Thank you SO SO MUCH for this!

    I watched the entire thing, is there a part 5? I looked on Youtube and didn't see anything.

    I'd like to see something addressing the men who "arrive" and instead share their achievements and wealth with the bukra gals, but maybe that's wishful thinking. I've been most affected the aforementioned, so it's interesting to see what many men are experiencing when the balance of financial/educational power is in the woman's favor in the relationship.

    We should always be aware that our Bakongo heritage calls for wealth to be passed down through the woman. This is a part of the African MATRIARCHAL system and women and wealth/power is not a new concept for Africa, nor is it an exotic concept.

    Though most of Africa has abandoned their matriarchal system in favor of the patriarchal system of the whites, it's interesting to note that our fellow Bakongo on the continent HAVE CONTINUED to follow the matriarchal tradition, preserving it over all of these years!

    Wealth, education, and power is a new concept for the women of the whites. However, for us, as AFRICANS, this is nothing new! We all know that the ancient egyptians, as well, subscribed to a MATRIARCHAL system in which the wealth was passed down through the woman!

    I loved this video and I love even watching the africanisms on full display in this video. The Nation of Islam has interestingly preserved many, many africanisms and incorporated them into their Islam, African-American style. This video was fantastic, thank you!