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    Black lives blackout: Has the mainstream media forgotten about police violence and African-American resistance?

    Distracted by the Trump circus, the media is suddenly ignoring an issue that definitely isn't going away


    The movement for black lives is alive and well across America and on social media, but you probably wouldn’t know that from watching CNN.

    Reported incidents of anti-black
    hate crimes and police-involved deaths are actually higher this year than they were two years ago, when coverage of cops killing people of color was so ubiquitous it was impossible to ignore. One would think this would be front-page news.

    But Donald Trump is our president now and the mainstream media apparently no longer has the bandwidth to cover alleged discriminatory treatment and brutality inflicted on African-Americans by police. Cable-news pundits are too busy trying to kill off the campaign-season,
    ratings-friendly Frankenstein monster they created over the previous two years.

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