Brother AACOOLDRE : Black Like Me: the Rachel "Blackface" Story

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    By Andre Austin

    An impostor is in the mist. Rachel Dolezal, originally from Montana is pretending to be black to some local NAACP dupes in Spokane, Washington where she’s president. I’m not mad at Rachel we need more bleeding white heart liberals in alliance with us. However, we need their cooperation to be honest, truthful and doesn’t indirectly adversely affect the people with whom you are trying to assist.

    For historical research a white man made himself out to be a Blackman to study the racism that was inflicted on blacks by white supremacy. He would later write a famous book called Black Like Me (1961)By John Griffin. One disturbing fact he found out the numerous black female maids working in white homes having to submit to white men sexual desires in order to pick up and cash their checks. If they wanted the loot they had to give up the boot. W.E.B. Dubois would document the same thing in his novel In Quest of the Golden Fleece (1911). The novel uncovers a fictional Zora had been forced to submit to the sexual advances of her former master, symbolized the moral degradation blacks suffered because of the heritage of slavery. Mrs. Dolezal can play Black but never have to suffer the historical and current events of institutional racism. She has the option of turning back into a white Barbie doll; therefore, she could never be “Black Like Me”!!! And now the curtains are drawn shut and the charade of playing a minstrel in blackface singing “Jump Jim Crow” and falsifying racial incidents to the police are up and over for Mrs. Dolezal.


    During the Harlem Renaissance George Schuyler (1895-1977) wrote his popular satire called Black- No- More (1931). It was a fictional account of a black man Max Discher was able by a scientific discovery to turn himself into a Whiteman. Max motivation was the ultimate and eccentric crossing over the fence of an assimilationist. Max simply wanted to be above America’s color caste system so he could advance politically, socially and most importantly economically. Art sometimes imitate life in reverse. Mrs. Dolezal wanted to be “White No More” but her masquerading to be black eliminated a true authentic black female job post as head of an African studies department head. Rachel in effect impeded blacks from advancing politically, socially and economically. People have the right to be free from deception when they elected her president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Even on the national stage people are masking their family trees to avoid paper trails. For example: if it comes out that President Barack Obama lied about an African dude from Kenya was his father, when research from maverick Joel Gilbert says his daddy was Frank Marshall Davis from Kansas, it will be the biggest political deception of all time. Obama’s half-brother Malik states he wants a DNA test to confirm his doubts. On the flip side Rachel Dolezal brother has made a statement that his sister only wanted to be black when it benefited her. Now Mrs. Dolezal has the opportunity to transform herself back to her original hue and plea a case to Hollywood for a book or movie deal a black could never advance from. She even reminds me of that movie Soul Man (1986), where a white pretends to be black in order to go to college through Affirmative-Action. Now we can call her a “Soul Woman”:

    Who chopped down her white leaves, white limbs and branches on her family tree?

    Just to be Black like Me

    But now her looks and deeds are becoming an eye sore

    She’s is need of an Psychiatrist to help her become Black-No-More