Black People : Black Liberation v.s the gay Boule and Prince Hall Masons. Crucial history Irritated Genie.

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    Although Irritated Genie was ousted by the Southern Christians I still find some of his earlier videos and information to be very much on point. How could such a brother be a traitor? I don't know. Double agent maybe?

    But here in this video he points out the sick agenda of the White Supremacists to homo-fy our talented brothers and sisters and put them in a category against us. And you know what? It worked and it still works. But I won't spoil it for you. This is one of my favorite Irritated Genie drops.

    Black People : - Was Bill Cobsy sacrificed for the Boule's usefulness to White Supremacy?

    All throughout the Jim Crow era Blackmen were lynched and their corpses hung from poles and trees for days rotting in the wind. People were afraid to...