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    however JC is not apart of the equation...! :nono:

    I remember walking out of church thinking that I
    should reverence every white woman that I saw because
    she might be an angel in disguise. But as they say, in
    the church, “When I was a child, I thought as a

    I cannot help but wonder, how my life, as well as the
    lives of countless other Black boys and girls, would
    have been changed if someone had told me that Judaism
    was one of the many religions originally practiced by
    African people. If someone had only told me that what
    is called “Christianity” was the recorded history of a
    Black Revolutionary named Yeshua (Jesus is derived
    from a Greek word, Yeshua was not Greek) who rebelled
    against the Roman Empire and tried to teach the Black
    Hebrews a clearer understanding of the word of God.

    But no one took time to tell me that the picture of
    the blue-eyed, blond-haired “Jesus” hanging from the
    wall in my parents living room was actually the family
    member of some European artist from the 16th century
    who was commissioned by the leaders of the white
    church to paint the Son of God in the image of a white
    man in order to enslave and dominate the original
    people of the scriptures. So I grew up thinking that I
    was God’s little nappy headed stepchild.

    When our African ancestors were enslaved and brought
    to America, they were taught a slave theology that
    made most of them docile and submissive, however a
    chosen few of them saw through the lies of the white
    man and embraced a Liberation Theology and shouted,
    “Before I be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave.”

    Because it was forbidden for the enslaved Africans to
    read, if “massa” sent a preacher to tell them that God
    was white and they were a cursed people who had no
    soul, or if he told them that they were blessed to
    have been enslaved because if it wasn’t for slavery,
    they would still be “heathens” who never would have
    gotten to know “tha lawd”—they believed it. Most
    damaging was the teaching that to rebel against
    slavery was to rebel against God.

    What is most tragic is that this mentality is still in
    the hearts and minds of Black people today. Instead of
    seeing the Bible as a book to be read and understood,
    many see it as a magical good luck charm and if we
    place it under our pillows at night, we would learn
    “the word” by osmosis.

    Because many of us use the King James version of the
    Bible, written in Old English, many feel that if
    “Jesus” talked like that surely he must have looked
    like one of those Shakespearean actors from TV.
    Hollywood has also pushed this lie that the people of
    the Bible were European, by allowing white actors to
    play Moses and Jesus but making Black actors play
    muggers and junkies.

    As we look at the condition of Afrikan people today,
    we can attribute the drugs, the Black on Black
    violence and poverty to our being brainwashed by
    European “nationalism” under the guise of religion.
    How else can you account for our perpetual misery? How
    else can you account for the state of mind of our
    young Black boys who think that they are thugs and
    gangbangers. Or our Black girls who think that they
    are “Ho’s”, unworthy of respect. No one has told them
    that they are the people of God. No one has told them
    that the “Jesus” that they hear about in church was
    the same color as the one that they see staring back
    at them in the mirror.

    Can we really expect to reach out for the Hip Hop
    generation with one hand while clutching a figurine of
    a lily white “Jesus” with the other?

    How else can you explain our inability to respond
    effectively to the problems that have faced our people
    for the last 400 years. Why do we accept racism,
    economic exploitation and racial profiling? With all
    our fancy jobs and college degrees, we still cannot
    find a way to stop crack from coming into our
    communities or AIDS from spreading at an alarming

    The reason that we tolerate such injustice is that we
    are looking for a white man to come down from heaven
    and save us and if we can’t have “Jesus” right now,
    any white man will do.

    What we need is Afrikan Liberation Theology; a
    theology that reveals the TRUTH that will make us
    free. Afrikan Liberation Theology gives us a
    theological foundation to fight the battle for the
    upliftment of Afrikan people. This theology teaches
    that the fight for Justice is not against God, as the
    white man has taught us, but is your religious duty if
    you are truly a follower of Yeshua, the Black
    Revolutionary Messiah.

    Afrikan Liberation Theology recaptures the scriptures
    from the white supremacist system and brings it back
    home to the African people upon which they were based.
    Most importantly Afrikan Liberation Theology
    challenges us to finally confront the question, “Can a
    white Jesus save Black people?” Our current condition
    answers that question loudly and clearly.
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    And I say we are free already, but didnt even know it.