The Front Porch : Black Leaders or Agenda Agents


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Jun 19, 2013
Um hello everyone, The reason I`m writing this blog post is because, I`m finding it hard to locate and communicate with so called black leaders. Is it me or do you find that all black leaders are doing is talking and selling books and personal c.d.`s. I positively can not find any website that is for the economic growth for our people, and so I felt it was very necessary to put together a site that was strictly to help black economic goal is to put together a team of black leaders and organize a donation push to buy 40 acres of land in every state across America.

If Farrakhan can put a million man march together, then a million black people can be organized to give $10 to raise $10 million dollars to buy land for our people since land now a days has become so affordable. I have become so tired of people passing the buck or blacks begging others for civil rights, when the black dollar is worth billions. This movement will create jobs, free community housing and agricultural farming. If anybody is willing to help me with this cause, I all ready have a fully automated website put together for this purpose lets organize and get the ball rolling.

Signed: Enough Talking

Have you considered Kickstart?


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Jan 22, 2011
Donald here has vacated the premises after being revealed as a hustler. His real name is Suelton Nixon.
Congratulations Mr. Skuderjaymes, Job well done! Still this only shows us that there are still many among us that are willing to exploit the gullible for self enrichment.

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