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    BLACK JESUS, WHITE GOSPELS: Black Skinned Christ, White Roman Mask

    By Andre Austin

    (Be another Fool for Christ succa)

    When Elvis sung and danced FBI director Hoover called in ****** buck dancing and many black artists accused him of stealing black lyrics and sounds. The same could be said of the Old Testament and the New Testament. From Genesis to Revelations the Jews and Christians didn’t have an original thought that wasn’t already predated in Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, the mother of Western religions. Before the bible we had The Egyptian book of the Dead, Papyrus of Ani, coffin texts, pyramid text, stone pictures exposing exhibits of the original trinity, virgin births, Adam & Eve Noah’s/Nile flood and so forth. Before I present these catechism like Ten questions keep in mind the political, economic and social structure you are subjected under. Because its unwise to talk about history out of conjunction with current and future events. We need justice in the community, courtroom and cell block.

    The structure of Racism (Race one group controlling wealth, power, resources over another race) is outlined in the global White Supremacy system in war, economics, politics, Law, Labor, Education, Entertainment, sex, religion. So we see that whites use their steel pistols to vanish the sex organ pistols of black males because they are unable to genetically reproduce their race through Love in the bed with non-whites. So they come up with a structure to maintain their existence of economic hate against the black man. Here is the structure of racism:

    1. One world Government through trade of goods and people

    2. One world Economy

    3. One world religion (chosen Catholic) They want USA the Superpower of the world to be majority Catholic. Through corporate controlled media they demonize Egyptian Isis by associating it with Muslims terrorism. They do this because when you take off Mary’s Mask she was plagiarized from the ancient Egyptian Isis.

    The justification falls under three categories:

    A. The Hamitic curse. God’s will through the Hamitic curse. With this curse they black ball they have their policy of exclusion of blacks of economies inclusion of the masses.

    B. Genetic inferiority of blacks. This is their Freudian slip. Racism is a team sport of one race against another. They can’t maintain their Race by love with blacks because only a Caucasian can produce another Caucasian while the color black creates the entire rainbow. Therefore, a Suppression of Black immigration policy. Catholics advocate Mexicans here temporarily because they submit to their faith and economic, political system. The immigration policy can be seen first in Exodus 1: 8 of a white Hyksos king in Egypt states the Black Jews ‘they will become even more numerous and if war breaks out, will join our enemies”. They were afraid of mutual assistance with black Egyptians with black Jews against the white Hyksos. Black people to this day are unable to be on a Black Team of a community to assist each other for three reasons being the Willie Lynch syndrome, Meritorious Manumissions (Sambo Awards of Snitching) and the trick and use of Tokens. Tokens are Symbolic progress of blacks being appointed in high level positions giving the false impression that the system works while the masses suffer with no progress. In 1860 blacks had less than one percent of the ownership of wealth from which in 2015 the same percent didn’t budge. We want the group to rise not individuals. The American dream is not realized by one black family having temporary guest status in the White House. In the spirit of Diversity and multi-culturalism we get the shaft and subtraction, not additions through benefits. There is no correlation between Black elected officials and economic benefits to blacks as a group. Diversity was first used in slavery to supervise black groups that assembled and to create a Mulattoe race for sexual pleasure and buffer zone to whites to help implement the Willie Lynch Syndrome.

    C. Social Engineering of policies to exclude blacks. The quality of your education and health, life expectancy and fees are determined by your zip code. In reality all Black mayors, sheriffs and police chiefs practice a policy of containment of blacks in the ghetto. No liberation strategies. They just don’t want them to get into a race riot and destroy white property. Keep them bottled up and let them kill themselves.

    D. Drugs & high unemployment equals frustration against eachother which results in black men killing eachother. With 70% of black men in single black female household they begin to take on femine traits. Entertainment industry will pay them big money to put on dresses. Now the white man doesn’t have to worry about genetic annilation because the blackman has been turned into a female.

    E. Music industry wants Black men to feed the youth trash. Think of themselves as trash. What do you do with trash? You incincerate it literally that’s done with aborted fetuses.

    F. Religion have them think of God their savior as a whiteman when nobody will save black but black.But black people have no communities of mutual assistance agreements of supporting eachother politically, economically and socially. We don’t realize that the whiteman is working a super heavy black ant-number against us.

    Politicians want us united a Rainbow so that they can get elected. But when it comes to dividing up the pie we are excluded from it. Why? Because Politicians don’t represent people. Politicians represent corporations and money. This is how they can come up with programs exclusively for black people like the 14th amendment, The Freedman’s bureau and Affirmative-Action and then dilute, divert and diversify it into a rainbow cause and end up excluding blacks from it. We don’t get nothing by being in alliance with others. The Indians held us as slaves and don’t want to share reparations they get through the 1866 treaties with the USA. The last confederate general to surrender was a Native American by the name of Stand Waite. We line up to be in the stores in China Town, Korean town, Jew Town but they don’t come to black Town to spend movie because you have no Town because you have no race team, therefore no community. That’s why every race comes into where we live and feed off of us while we march back and forth as wilder beast food for crocodiles and lions in Africa.


    1. Sterilization of Many Black Females in USA and black Ethiopians in Israel. This is nothing new when Mussolini gave the Vatican 1 billion dollars they in turn gave him a blessing to invade Ethiopia before WWII and he reduced them from 5 million to 50,000 according to Dr. Ben. And the Vatican invested in munition factories that did the killing. Don’t forget the Catholic controlled Rwanda in the 1990’s where their Brothercide/Tribalcide killed 1 million black souls. Catholics were the first Europeans to bless slavery and issue edicts of exclusion in their controlled Maryland that set the foundation of racism in 1638 by coincidence marks Dubois suppression of the African Slave-Trade (Immigration). Catholics don’t advocate blacks coming to America but do Mexicans. This reminds me when they said Indians should not be slaves but only blacks because they have no souls according to the Ham curse.

    2. Abortion 50% of black births result in Abortion. This is a form of eugenics before/after fertilization and birth. They use black females to subordinate black males by housing, food, tax refunds like they did in slavery where they were masters over the house like in ancient Roman slavery. On the flip side there’s a high percentage of inaccurate names on birth certificates out there. This is cutting generations off from later genealogy research and masking yourself from the truth.

    3. Marriage The black women stay married to the government in fear of losing benefits. They have no husbands because they have no benefits. They don’t want a boyfriend/husband with no benefits so they stuck with big daddy/gov.

    They are turned into quasi-nuns.

    4. Penalization of black men in prison are 6% of population but are 50% of incarceration. Prison is just another form of symbolic castration and turning them into non-reading Monks.

    5. Immigration You keep blacks as a minority so that you can maintain control and power over them. Everybody can come to the USA but Blacks. We are in effect under the Suppression of African blacks since 1638 as outlined originally in W.E.B. Dubois book The Suppression of the African Slave-Trade of America, 1638-1870. Dubois links up Toussaint revolt in Haiti revolution to Immigration and exposes South Carolina as the first state that made its crops profitable and rapid consumption of slaves p.70-81.

    So Where do we go from Here? Stop diversity of your Black coffee because it just makes it weaker and weaker and weaker.

    Build a 5 story Tower. Lets start with the first floor:

    1. Economic Brick house. we need a powerful foundation on the first floor.

    2. Political Machiavelli’s.Use the money to buy, rent lease politicians. Make them sign contracts on what they gonna do for you. They do me then we do them.

    3. Criminal Justice System. The Politicians then will tell the Courts and Law enforcement to give Justice, fairness to blacks.

    4. Media. Seize the Media. Have your own Radio, Television and print media to beat the drum of the community for cohesiveness

    5. Education of being scientist, doctors, lawyers engineers, farmers etc, etc. The current educational system is a pipeline of public school to public and private prisons. Education supposed to be rooted in prosperity and not debt slavery. The TV supersedes books. Our leaders can’t lecture an entire book. We are dependent on a speaker to tell us what we need to know in books.

    In conclusion black people must take out logs in our eyes so we can see the political, social and economic mask that has been presented to us. When the mask comes off we see Satan who hates us. When the Supreme Court wrote Plessy vs Ferguson that birthed “Separate but Equal” on blacks they got this doctrine in part from The Declaration of Indecency that talked about the same thing but with blacks being excluded. So there is no brotherhood of love in the vision of MLK dream of integration. Why because we are still separate but unequal. King wanted the Whiteman to be true to what he wrote on paper in the Constitution? They where We were not in the We and they didn’t have blacks in mind we they said “All were Equal” their dream of life, liberty, happiness (property) was the acquisition of Indian land and black free labor. Their dream/vision our nightmare. Malcolm X called it a tragic vision and Farrakhan said he died because he had no vision. For whites Love is the end of their civilization. Its self-extermination for them. So hate and division is the order of the day for their survival. We must start reading Black Labor, White Wealth By Claud Anderson and The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing because the go hand and hand. Maybe I will write The Osiris Papers then watch the media turn it into an acrimony and abbreviation of terrorism O. S.I. R.S=Overt, subversive, rebels engaging in sedition.

    So I end with some commentary from Josephus works in The Antiquities of the Jews Book 10 chapter 7 & 8 where the prophet Ezekiel had a vision and desire to see the last king of Judah Zedekiah to be blinded and his family tree to be cut off because he provided mutual assistance with the enemy, the Babylonians instead of their brothers in Egypt. You see if you go back to Exodus 1 the enemy Hyksos feared the mutual assistance of the Egyptians and the Jews and their birth rates. Satan can only function in an environment of hate and division, inequality and injustice. Those who can’t see this basic fact will perish because they will not be able to come up with a blue print freedom because they vision is blurred by those who wear the Mask.



    1. Why is Jesus Ministry a parody of Titus military campaign

    2. Why did Luke use passages from Josephus War of the Jews

    3. What is the correlation between Jesus fishing for men and Titus catching men in the sea?

    4. What Pope is related to Titus through marriage

    5. What time-frame did Jesus predict Jerusalem would be encircled with a wall?

    6. Did martin Luther pray to Mary (Isis) for his leg to be healed

    7. What Pope set the date of Jesus birth with Mithra and Osiris birth and how the 3 stars (3 magi) support the son/sun birth in December? The harvest birth was dealing with animals which they reduce John and Jesus to mules & calf’s (baby male golden calf)

    8. What Pope said the myth of Jesus was serving the Catholics financially well

    9. Why was Hathor/Isis worshipped as the Golden calf in the OT have to do with sustenance and nourishment and how it relates to Elizabeth and Mary? And why was Jesus put on a gold coin having pepper-corn hair relate to John 12 with Osiris coffins having corn on it?

    10. Why was census/tax taking an awful crime in the OT (1 Chron 21:2, 7, 14) which resulted in the Jews first use of the word Satan to describe King David. Why did the NT Gospels reverse this policy and present Jesus family submitting to a census several years after his birth? What roman Emperors benefited from this propaganda?

    The government is shaking at the knees like Don knots on The Andy Griffin Show. They are starting ease the tension in the Criminal Justice System with pardons and commutations in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the MMM theme of Justice/land Or Else. They lifting the ban on videos and pictures of the capitol so no officers get into confrontation with the police. Remember Obama your biggest Fan is your biggest critic. We on your case because we want you to be super strong like your dad Frank Marshall Davis. Davis wrote a famous poem Christ is a Dixie n..igg.e.r. because he knew of many black men who where lynched not only @ the place of the skulls but also in the wilderness of North America hanging from familiar not strange Trees. It was MLK who said that those that lie will steal and those that steal will kill. Black parents must discipline children who stray away with a belt, switch, extension cord or even a shoe on their natural behinds so that they don’t end up like Dixie nig.ggga out of breath under the hands of some paddyroller (patrol officer) or a Confederate junkie. And take Bill Cosby off the stage from which I told you months ago. He can no longer spit out advise on Black parenting and belittling the poor. He wouldn’t of been doing this if his son wasn’t killed by a thug who carjack him. He’s no different from the rest who used his celebrity status to penetrate into the pannies of everything that moved crossed him. Take him off the stage.

    Last but not the least. If Christianity pre-dated all of the questions above questions then who is wearing a mask and fake wig made of wool from the natural truth? Its time to rise up from your dry bones and Come up. Its time to come up from Slavery. This ain’t the time to be color-blind then you mess yourself up like Samson and not see the Rainbow of how everybody else is getting a piece of the action but you. Stay awake, keep your eyes open, at least one of them with your candle or oil lantern on.


    By Paul Lawrence Dunbar

    We wear the mask that grins and lies

    It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes….

    We smile, but O great, our cries

    To thee from tortured souls arise…

    But let the world dream otherwise,

    We wear the mask!
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    Man this is an excellent piece brother. An extensive amount of food for thought and a lot to be digested. In essence just as brother Malcolm has said, we've been hoodwinked and bamboozled. It's time to wake up.....
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