Black History Culture : Black is.. ( what is black part II)

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    Throughout the years African people have struggled... whether it was in africa or here in the U.S. But throughout all of the trials and tribulation we have stuck together... we have worked hard and we have kept our heads up.. allowing nothing to hold us back from our glory.... sacrificing all for pride and honor.... much more than just for tha pay check.... But we have lost it in this new era... slavery has made of us greedy pigs wishing only for money......

    I believe that a real African will use everything in their power to improve themselves and try with their all to reach their true potential... that they will use every tool that they posess to bring our people together... A man or woman who believes in sacrifice and is passionate about their beliefs and is also willing to give their lives for it.... You will find few here who hold such beliefs.. who are so passionate. None among us or them.....
    In the slavery era our ppl gave their lives for the freedom they felt they deserved, many giving their lives for an education.... Now our people throw away their chances at education, chosing instead to run the streets.....

    I am looking for a real African... a comrade one who will give their all for their loved ones, one who will strive to be their best and demand the best from others... we have what it takes to reach the top.... all it takes is determination and belief in what we as a people may accomplish....

    I have dedicated my life to this... to enriching our people... strengthening our race.... through my poetry and my words i shall strive to change our people..... to create revolution.... It shall not end with me... but at least it shall have a beginning....

    Dedicated to all those who have died for our beliefs... the great DR... and the revered Malcolm

    Amar is life....... ( Love is life)

    Not just love of money... not just love of life.... but a love for our people .... a love for our wives...... and a love for our children..... for our lives are their future......
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    Brother BioRhythm ... this is beautiful ... so glad you're here with us! :love:


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    I know exactly what it is you seek. But I wonder, could it be too deep for some? For the majority of us even. What would it really take to affect this revolution of which you speak. We have the strength, for it was born within us and passed down among generations. Our endurance cannot be denied nor ignored. I strongly believe in us as a people, as I am sure my family here at destee would agree with me. Unforunately, I don't think I, nor my children, nor my childern's children will be alive to see this revolution. To not only overcome them, but ourselves. I know it is coming. As the awarness is raised ever more, so will the trumpet rallying the troops. It will happen eventually. The question is when.
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    black is...
    black is...
    even tho daddy aint
    im a couple shades lighter than
    black is me
    (well yellow)
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    I think we should be careful in deciding what is or isn't "black".

    It's best to accept black as a race of humanity with various beliefs and values and leave it at that because we don't want to run the risk of painting ourselves into a corner with stereotypes.

    I don't hear it much now, but when I was a kid we had something called "CP Time" or colored people's time.

    It was a fashionable term for lateness and poor punctuality.

    Never mind the fact that there are white people and especially hispanics who are habitually late just like some of us.
    Never mind the fact that there are many black people...espcially ministers....who are notorious for being on time.

    The stereotype seemed to stick with us and evolved into a very culture and mythology in and of itself:

    One popular black tradition from down South told of Ham being cursed because he came to recieve his father Noah's blessings too late.

    Another tradition found among many New Age spiritualists teach that black people are late because we are "outside of time" by nature and therefore time means little to us.

    It's cool for us to show up late or be absent from events as a way to look cool and pose...keeping folks waiting on our presence.

    All of this comes from the myth that black people are inherently late.

    Now you see the thug and gangsta mentality starting to become popular among black youth and make a connection between that and criminality.

    It won't belong before evil, lawlessness, and immorality will be seen as an inherently black trait also.

    Notice now when white boys want to rebel, the first thing they do is cut their hair low and start listening to rap music?

    This is in effect imitating us in order to "be bad".

    So they've already pinned lawlessness and rebellion on "black" culture.
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    Black is*


    Black is the essence of G-d
    Black is the Black Dot*