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    Black inventor has big dreams for plumbing device

    Forty-year-old Colin Alladice of Birmingham hopes plumbers all over the world will one day be using his Earth Crimp device to install boilers and similar devices.

    The product, which retails for 95p, has been patented in Britain and America with patents pending in 30 European countries.

    Earth Crimps are only available in the UK, but Alladice told The Voice that he is 'still trying to close the right deal in America'.

    He said that he made the prototype himself and spent about £40,000 on the patent process, as well as legal and marketing fees.

    He has almost recouped his initial investment but now Alladice is facing perhaps his biggest threat with the recent credit crunch biting him hard. "My bank is now calling in my over draft. It's a problem I am trying to solve by selling shares in my company to raise capital as I cannot do it on my own," he said, adding that he would welcome any investment whether cash or in skills. Alladice's journey has been a rocky one.

    "It's been a hell of an uphill struggle, doors being shut in your face. It's a long and hard road with no manual," said Alladice. But the Birmingham man remains focussed on his mission building a good product with global appeal.

    He told The Voice he would never have succeeded without the help of Richard Stannard of business link West Midlands: "Without them I wouldn't have stood a chance, their support was fantastic".

    Published: 08 November 2007