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    ‘Nappywood’ Natural Hair and Lifestyle Expo
    By Amen Oyiboke, Staff Writer
    Published August 5, 2015

    Natural hair Angelenos attended expo to learn more about natural hair and engage in cultural activities

    (Amen Oyiboke/LA Sentinel)

    More and more, African-American women are ditching the hair relaxers and accepting their natural hair state.

    “Self confidence in wearing your styles is key. I like to encourage young Black girls to be natural. You have to accept yourself and fall in love with yourself,” said lifestyle blogger Zolee Griggs to a crowd of natural hair enthusiasts.

    Griggs alongside several other beauty bloggers, celebrity hairstylists and natural hair Angelenos attended the 3rd Annual Nappywood Natural Hair & Lifestyle (LANX) Expo Weekend. The event was held August 1-2 at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles. Founded by Regina Kimbell and Gwen Allen the show has been used as a community component to empower the Black community.

    “The LANX is only a thread to bring the community together to educated and empower. Not only will the workshops and summits improve their lives, but where else can you see natural hairstyles from Anquity to modern day in one day,” Regina Kimbell said.

    LANX attendees received free merchandise from Miss Jessie’s during Saturday’s exposition. (Amen Oyiboke/LA Sentinel)

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