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    Bible Trivial info #3

    Counterintelligence & Special Operations of Catholic attacks on Goddess Isis

    (Research Section)

    1. Did St Paul die under Nero or Emperor Domitian

    2. Did St. Paul cite Epaphroditus (Pap-Venus) & Clement ( Pope Clemens) in the book of Philippians chapter 4. Were these two of the household of Emperor Domitian cite by Roman historian Suetonius.

    3. Did St. Paul overstep his bounds by saying who was in the “Book of life”=the Egyptian book by coming forth by light/life when referring to Clement? (see Philippians 4:3). If so Philippians was written durning the reign of Domitian. Its been shown that Paul was lampooned as a Horse, Donkey and Mule by James, Peter and Jude and Revelation joined in by calling him the Black Horse. Its unlikely that Paul was executed in the 60’s then being made a parody in Revelation’s written in the 90’s


    Suetonius writes:

    “He (Emperor Domitian) executed his secretary Epaphoroditus, who had reputedly helped Nero to commit suicide after everyone else had deserted him. Finally he executed, suddenly and on some trivial pretext, his own cousin, Flavius Clemens (Clement)…and Domitian had previously named Flavius two small sons as heirs and changed their names to Vespasian and Domitian” (The Twelve Caesars Dom.14-15).

    Domitian had Epaphroditus and Pope Clemens killed in 95AD one year before he was assassinated.

    Epaphoroditus names derives from Aprodite, the goddess of Love. However, because there is a Pap in his name its most likely the Venus, god of love. Isis, who had a thousand names was also called Paphos-Venus after a shrine in Cyprus (see The Golden *** Book 11 & Acts 13:1-6). Venus is born from a castrated penis in the sea foam as Paul is before his trip there and has a son by the Holy Spirit (Amen) and calls his “Titus”; his mother most likely Venus (Titus 1:4).

    Josephus who wrote the Antiquities of the Jews was super-friends with Epaphroditus and wrote:

    O Epaphroditus, thou most excellent of men do I dedicate all this treaties of our Antiquities; and so for the present, I here conclude the whole” (Life 76). And then again in the preface : “Epaphroditus, a man who is a lover of all kind of learning, but is principally delighted with the knowledge of history”. There is a statue of Epaphroditus, and he’s a blackman. Because he’s black racist claim there are two different Epaphroditus.

    Why and how is it that Domitian is a relative of Pope Clement (Clemens)? Well, “Pope Clement (Clemens of Rome was married to Emperor’s Vespasian granddaughter” (Christ in Egypt By D. M. Murdock p.464).

    The Christians wanted to hide the fact that the Dynasty of the Flavian emperors were involved in the creation of the New testament so they created two fictional Popes to give artificial space between them.

    1. Pope Peter, a black rebel against Rome pulled out from a Rock cave

    2. Linus, fictional ( The idea came from Orpheus brother Linus)

    3. Anakletus fictional

    4. Pope Clement/Clemens

    According to the Encyclopedia Judaica Volume G p. 1338 (1972), Flavius Clemens (Clement) is Emperor’s Vespasian older brother. Flavius Clemens/Clement marries Domitila the granddaughter of Vespasian and niece of Titus and Domitian. (also see Dio Cassius 67:14,1-2). Domitila sets up the first catholic catacombs in Rome. Christendom creates two fictional Popes to give a barrier and space to hide the fact that the Flavian Dynasty were responsible for creating the New Testament.

    Why is it that Paul mentions both clement (Clemens) and Epaphroditus in the same chapter 4 of Philippians? If we back up to chapter 3 of Philippians we learn of Paul’s mutilators of the flesh as (dogs) Anubis. . Suetonius states one fact that after Domitian won his civil war he loved to have his soldiers interrogate people by "scorching his prisoner’s genitals". This matches one of the seven bowls of God's (Domitian) wrath in Revelation 16: 8-9. God/Lord (Domitian) gives permission to his Angel (Army official) to scorch people with fire. They were seared by intense heat (Rev 16:8-9).

    Merrian Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition defines Sear as Burn, scorch or mark or dry up. A dry Tree is symbolic of a eunuch (Isaiah 56:3). This is noted because Rev 7:3 advocates not harming the land, sea or trees until some 144,000 people have been sealed.

    Also servants who have been killed will suffer anymore “scorching heat” (Rev 7:16-17)

    When Rev 14 picks back up on these 144,000 its in conjunction with a sickle for grapes (testicles/Trees of the vine) that are ripe for cutting.

    Paul in talking about circumcision/uncircumcised and Jesus on the cross states that he bears on his body the same mark of Jesus (Galatians 6:13-17). We also know that Domitian wore the mask of the Dog/jackal Anubis to escape death during a Civil war. Paul also states that a Dog mutilated his flesh in Philippians 3:2 and kicked in the ***** (Acts 26:14). The parody skit of Paul castration is also played in black comedy in Acts 13:1-9 where the Holy/Terrible spirit orders Paul be set apart (cut off) by the placing of hands making him an impotent willing victim and sodomite.


    The Black Epaphos, was son of Zeus (Amen), daughter of Io (Isis) and identified with Menes as founder of Memphis. At one time Cyprus was a colony of Egypt and the wave-washed shrine of Paphos there in Cyprus may be named after Epaphos. Both are linked with Venus-Isis and bore near water. Jesus is called the Morning star (Venus) and said to have had Paps (Rev 1:13)

    I’m very much concerned about Paul having a child by the Holy Spirit of Amen (Truth/faith) in (Titus 1:4). After he’s castrated he leaves for Paphos (Isis-Venus) see Acts chapter 13. It’s a coincidence that Venus is born by a castrated Penis being thrown into the water.

    Martin Bernal, in his book Black Athena Writes Back p.95 that “The plausible Egyptian etymology for the name Epaphos”. Then in another classic Black Athena p.92 reports “The name Epaphos and the stem ephap-which frequently appears in the Greek play The suppliants…there is also epipnoia, which means both the gentle breathing of zeus (Amen) that impregnates Io (Isis)”. It appears Paul is having a son in the same process as Io.