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Jun 14, 2018

Addressing 'the decline in intelligence' directly demands a multidisciplinary systematic thought process beyond a preconceived test results for an ends shaped by some frame work of some yesterday that will never be again. Because yesterday will never ever be again.......ever

Again addressing 'the decline in intelligence' heres something to think about while nurturing your child:

I'd recommend watching the entire vid but I started it from the relevant point of education and media consumption, how that consumption effects ones life and those both near and far.
Too expand on that I offer this admittedly long doc. of Noam Chomsky's 'Manufacturing consent'. (the tome imho no home should be without)

I don't know, something from ' Art of War' I think said something like, know your enemy as well or better than he knows himself.
Turn off the **** TV, and take away that soul sucking on-line screen time if you want your child to learn.
Just my humble opinion.

This vid is equally if not more problematic.
While I agree with the ending conclusion that capitalism is at the root of the problems facing us what is rather glossed over is the understating of exactly the existential crisis, a virtual black hole if you will, the maelstrorm humanity is headed into. Bound to head into. And there's no escape, it's baked into the recipe. A recipe we've known about for 50 plus years.........and have done nothing, Nothing about. And still do nothing about.
Understand there is no tech solution no matter how far in fanciful reaching in climate mitigation we can get, at this point it will still take centuries for things to balance out whatever the proposal.
And let's not discount the enviromatental impact that's been inflicted over the course of just the last 60 or 70 years of treating our air and waterways and oceans as a kind of garbage disposal...........while still eating and drinking and breathing from the very same I'll otherwise name the sewer. It's all in our bodies it's in our DNA. It shows up in lower fertility rates in both male and females, it shows in lower immunity and increase of comorbidity among those that are just born and very young and the growing.

It may well be true we product more than enough food to feed all the peoples of world; I would opine that the present way our food is produced is not sustainable EVEN IF climate change was not an issue because of the ecological issues involved associated with said practices that have serious down side effects that can be easily found if looked into.

So if one is to take a sober look at what is going sure to be more than just a rocky road the very best we can pass on to our children is something practical, how tend a garden, how to build, how to repair, how to share.

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