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    EDC Creations and The Sankofa Literary Society will host 28 days of
    Black History! This spectacular ONLINE event will be the first of
    its kind! An entire month long celebration brought to the world via
    the Internet and modern technology. You can meet today's brightest
    stars from the comfort of your own home!

    Each day of February, 2008 there will be a featured day to discuss
    Everything About People of Color! Celebrating our past, future, and
    the life changing successes we are creating NOW. Daily we will host
    noon-day radio chats, blog chat tours, and all day chat-room visits
    with readers, video blogging, and e-workshops. Each night there will
    be exclusive private chats with authors and book clubs on the phone
    chat line, as well as public panel discussions on the radio. All
    panel discussions will be recorded and streamed to an open SLS site
    for the world to hear and take part in. Society will be able to view
    our community leaders, literature, music, and arts in an entirely
    new light, at the SLS Black History Site!

    We are asking people in the community to take part in this event
    too! We want readers and book lovers around the world to let their
    voices be heard! This event is for YOU and about YOU. 2008 should be
    a year of change and growth; we need your wisdom to make it happen.

    SLS Black History Month Online Book Fair Themes:

    1. African-American Pioneers and Legends
    2. Business Leaders and Legends
    3. Education, Politics, and Empowerment
    4. KultureFirst Panel Discussion on the State of African-
    American Economy Survey
    5. Entertainment Industry Firsts and Innovators (hip-hop, film,
    music, theater, dance, visual arts)
    6. Historians, Biographies, Afro.-American Firsts, People of
    Color Lit. Movement
    7. Journalism Panel Discussion
    8. State of African American Literature-- -Fiction
    9. State of African American Literature-- -Non-Fiction
    10. State of African American Romance and Relationships
    11. State of African American Literature-- -Young Adults
    12. Black Love---Erotica and its Legends, Urban Lit Newcomers,
    Lesbian Lit, Sexy Poetry
    13. Music, Literature, and the Arts--Bringing Our Pride Back
    Panel Discussion
    14. Behind the Book--Urban Literature Panel Discussion
    15. Open Mic Poetry Nite and the Spoken Word--open to community
    16. Religion, Spirituality, Motivational Speakers--Non- Fiction
    17. Publishing Leaders and Star Makers (small presses, self-
    published, Ezines, magazines, bookstores)
    18. Christian Fiction, Religion, Spirituality -- Fiction
    19. Self-publishing Panel Discussion-- EBook Discussion
    20. For Us-By Us-About Us---Black 365 Panel Discussion
    21. Community Leaders, Book Clubs, Literary Events, Book Stores
    22. Sports, Science, Medicine, Weight Loss, Fitness, Weddings
    23. Black Author Showcase, Graphic Designers, Book Cover
    Designers, Promotion Companies- Marketing Panel Discussion
    24. Children authors, children readings, poetry for children
    25. Young Adult live readings and poetry from our community
    26. Sankofa Literary Society and EDC Creations-So You Wanna
    Write a Book!
    27. Spirit of Sankofa, A Inside look at Karibu Books and EDC
    28. Panel Discussion-- Our Culture Lit by Some Larger Vision

    This is going to be the event of 2008! All interested parties should
    email the organizer, Ella Curry, of EDC Creations at:

    {[email protected] creations. com}There will be a new state of the art
    website and bookstore built just for this online extravaganza, to
    showcase only the participants of The SLS Black History Month Online
    Book Fair. Don't miss out….

    Authors and Business Leaders who have books or services related to
    these nights will be asked to showcase their products. Authors can
    be visitors and call in throughout the event. However, we will only
    showcase each author TWICE. So pick your nights carefully!

    Authors, Artists, Publishers, and Community Participants need to
    email Ella of their interest by December 27, 2007. The official
    layout will announced to the world on January 1, 2008! Visit the
    Sankofa Literary Society for full details after January 1, 2008.
    SLS website: []