Black People : Black History Month Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by sweetbrownsugar, Jan 25, 2005.

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    We only get this one month to celebrate it. But to me, Black History Month just ain't what it SHOULD be! Call me a dreamer but there should be all kinds of things going on EACH day in the month of February! It should be 28 NON-STOP days of celebration, recognition and remembrance of BLACKNESS. In our homes, family gettogethers/potlucks-whatever. In your local (black) neighborhoods there should be all kinds of things going on: Parades, Block Parties, Festivals, Concerts, SoulFood Cookoffs! Mad Cookouts! Black Art shows, Black Musicals and plays, Black Fashion and Hair shows, Black Car shows, Black Buisness Conventions, Job Fairs featuring Black Owned Buisness. The Nite Clubs should be doing there thing. Black Churches should be doing their thing. Schools should be teaching Black History each day this one month. The HBCU's should be JUMPING OFF with all kinds of things going on as far as BLACK EDUCATION, Battling of the Bands...-all that. The Black Radio Stations should be doing some promoting,recognizing, celebrating and remembering of Blackness too. On TV(UPN,BET, TVONE etc) the talent of our Black Actors and Actresses should be showcased non-stop for 28 days. Some of the old re-runs should be brought back: That's My Mama, What's Happening Now etc. We always see "President's Day sales, Labor Day sales" and " 4th of July sales" How about a "Black History Month" sale? You ever see a Black History Month Furniture Sale? All black people should get discounts in every store this one month! (especially since half of them use a lot of our Black sisters and brothas to endorse their products or sell products endorsed by blacks) You always see Red White and Blue to celebrate America's Indepence and stuff. Well, this one month for 28 days there should be RED and Black streamers, Banners and flags flapping in the wind to celebrate US. Black People. Black America. Any other day Blackness is supposed to be on the HUSH(ssshhhhh!) It is as if they want us to be proud but NOT TOO LOUD. Black people in the midst of all kinds of adversity and mistreatment have always been a people who came together, Jubilant, celebrating! Withstanding the lash of the whip only to get our people together later on that night to dance and sing barefoot around fatback cooking on the fire! The mistreatment is still going on. Some of us still getting our lashes. But in this one given month to celebrate...I say we GO ALL OUT make the most of it. Move on and get over it for 11 months , but not forget who we are and where we came from for 28 days non-stop in this one month, Black History Month. -Okay I'm done dreaming but don't that sound good?
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    That sounds really good. maybe we can make it a reality some day, Excellent excellent post medasse pa
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    well said and very much needed every day black awareness should be
    and going on cross the world well we can for one start it here the first
    net community to honor this glory month every day with something
    happening at this a fate that we hold as family & a community
    we can do right here and spread it to our living community or block to do
    something daily i believe if we all unify and come together we can get one
    day off work with pay but yes i know it's a living dream i have but i won't
    stop fighting for this to be a reality for us we earned it and some
    African American month ahead family what's on tap ?
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    Aug 14, 2004
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    oh boy, i have so much plans for this black history month...

    funny, i was thinkin, mcdonalds has the 365 black stuff. Anyone else realize they only talk about 365 black for one month? It's kind of ridiculous.