Black Christians : BLACK HAWK DOWN~Black Nazi

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    BLACK HAWK DOWN~Black Nazi


    Since ancient times up to modern times the hawk would be a symbol for many governments even in regards to the government of the Creator God! But more importantly, the Black Hawk became a symbolism for certain ancient Black civilizations and this needs to be brought out moreso in hopes of getting a better understanding of the past and present. Amazingly, the 2001 movie production called, Black Hawk Down, produced by Ridley Scott offers an incredible opportunity to bring out some astonishing history. The Black presence in Africa in relation to the history that revolves around ‘the Black Hawk’ as a major symbolism of might and power seems uncanny and poses the question; Was it just an eerie coincidence that history aligned itself in the way that it unfolded and coincided, or was it pre-determined based upon the actions of mankind? Also, can the events in these times be seen as prophetical?

    Certain original ancient Black civilizations specifically associated themselves with ‘the Black Hawk’ [ie eagle, raptor, vulture…bird of Jovis; all considered Hawks in the Old World] because they were indeed, ‘Black’ and this would be one of many symbolic elements in ancient script that confirmed them to be Black in association with the cultural terms used to describe them. All ancient script that pertains to the early civilizations contains these kinds of confirmations in regards to color in terms of metaphor and simile and in association with something of this earth. Color in association with something natural of this earth happens to be a scientific constant that mankind cannot change. An example of a simile would be ‘as green as the spring grass’, so while the word ‘green’ can be altered down through the ages, however the color of spring grass has remained a constant. Solomon wrote the simile, “…his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.” [SONG OF SOLOMON 11:5], and therefore the color of ‘black’ becomes defined by the fact that the common raven has always been an extremely lustrous black bird. Likewise, the term ‘Black Hawk’ became a symbolism, and a simile and metaphor for Old World civilizations of certain Black men. Research shows that the Old World Black Hawk was an express symbolism for certain descendants of JapHeth, one in particular were also descendants of Gomer, namely the Black Nazis.

    The history of these ‘Black Nazis’ or ‘Kenazis’ [ie Kenites…] bare evidence too that there has to be a distinction with regards to the history and origins of the word ‘Nazi’. The Kenazi [Black Nazis] have an astonishing history and they are descendants of JapHeth and Gomer and Ashkenaz. But the root word ‘KEN’ means ‘BLACK’ and became a common word for BLACK in many contexts, and was also used as a descriptive word not only for these people but others as well. The word ‘Nazi’ and the term ‘Nazi Movement’ are separate and unique. The Nazi White Supremacist Movement came out of people associated with the word, Nazi, but this means that this movement only represented a percentage of people not the whole. Like the very name of their descendant, Ashkenaz, ‘White Kenazi people’ became known as ‘Ashkenazi’. When however, history shows that these eastern people began to be divided into a Caste System based upon color, many descendants of Ashkenaz did not conform but resisted, and as a result a lot of their history became apart of the west because they broke off and that was where they went, to the west where they intermixed with other kinds of Black people. They were a very dominant people, some cultures fought against the original inhabitants of the west and sometimes they were exploited by White Supremacist to oppress others, but then there were the times when they turned and bonded with their brothers in the west, and when they did, it was extremely beneficial to the cause of Black Unity. The Bible even reveals that the Hebrew Israelites had bonded with them at times! The history of the Kenazi and other Heth people [Khety people] in the west scans over the course of thousands and thousands of years, and amazingly many of them maintained their unique cultures right up to these modern times and this brings up the events that surrounds the movie, Black Hawk Down.

    It seemed so odd to see a movie reenactment of the terrible conflict that occurred in Somalia in that the film itself was entitled, Black Hawk Down. Why? Was it because there was a military mission initially sent to bring down a Black leader, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, and his cabinet or was it due to a strange twist that occurred and instead, the army aircraft helicopters known as ‘Black Hawks’, were shot down by certain Somali militants? No. Not at all. The film thematic rendition of this Somali crisis only presents a small extraction of a much larger affair. There are other issues that presents a more stranger circumstance as a result of that mission that did not end by the end of that movie! After research in regards to certain ancient Black civilizations it becomes evident that the movie does not shed a lot of background information that led up to this historical atrocity against humankind and therefore, other information would offer a better picture of what actually occurred and has been continuing to occur. However, it would be impossible to be concise and bring out all the important hidden issues omitted in that film in one brief article. It would be necessary to go way back in time to understand the origins of the Somali people and decipher how they came to be in the position that they were in, with regards to outside military forces that felt it paramount to intervene in their affairs. That would take many pages to lay out the details. But perhaps a brief description of some strategic points in time and a specific examination of certain words in context just might open the door to a better understanding, not only of those Somali people but, for world history as it applies to us in these end times.

    A Sign of the Times

    This movie, Black Hawk Down, aired at a most interesting time in our recent history. It was released in December of 2001, about four (4) months after the infamous Twin Tower terrorist attacks which took the lives of many American people and only three (3) months before the War in Afghanistan began as a result of retaliations against the Taliban regime cited as the blame for the terrorist attacks. Nevertheless, we need to look behind these dates and times to the events that occurred in Africa that surrounds the movie events of Black Hawk Down, and to what happened to the millions and millions of Black people in Africa as a result of what was going on in places in ‘the Middle East’ like India with the western world. Then and only then will we be able to even make sense of the incredible events that are happening right now in countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Bahrain and so forth. The movie, Black Hawk Down, starts with a brief written description that justified the American forces to give them a reason to come into Somali in 1993. On the surface the mission was based upon humanitarian peace efforts to help desperate Somali people due to the actions of a particular man, Mohamed Farrah Aidid but in reality, there was much more behind the reason why America put the lives of many of our own military men on the line to go all the way over there and intervene with the predicament that played out in the streets of Somalia in East Africa. Again though, in order to understand the whole scope of events we need to go back some more to get some background information.

    It was only a few years prior to this Somali affair that the COLD WAR ended in December of 1989 and this would be the very key to the events that have unfolded. It was all about trade power and control, hence the World Trade Centers of the Twin Towers eventually becomes an ironic focal point. However, it was only the next month after the end of the Cold War in January of 1990 that it seemed a middle eastern leader virtually unknown to most, if not all, of the common masses of African Americans became an house hold name, and a man that we should detest. I never even heard of him, Saddam Hussein. Then it would be sixteen (16) years later another man with that same name, ‘Hussein’ would arise out of seemingly nowhere and become interjected into the mind of African American descendants of Slaves and become projected as if he had always been like a superhero for the African American people, and his name was Senator Barack Hussein Obama. In 2006, I just happened to be browsing the channels on my television and saw him for the first time in my life on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I briefly heard her ask him if he would run for the oval office and because I thought nothing of it, I never even heard his response but continued browsing the channels in search for news. In retrospect, I wondered what was the commonality in the name of ‘Hussein’ that both of these men share for one was from Iraq and the other has roots in Kenya [KEN-ya] in East Africa. It would be this kind of research that made a connection to that time period and the many crisis that came after the ending of the Cold War in December 1989. For by the summer of 1990, only months after America and USSR [Russia] ended their Cold War, America started what became known as the Gulf War, and the former leader of Iraq ominously stated that this was ‘the mother of all Battles’. Looking back, it does seem like the beginning of the end, the end of many past government in ‘the Middle East’ and Africa and the beginning of a new struggle to regroup as a result of the ending of the Cold War.

    For about the past forty (40) years since the time of World War II up to the end of the Cold War, certain places like India and ‘the Middle East’ became benefactors of the trade agreements made between the west and the eastern powerhouses. It was as if the White boys said, “Okay, you control these lands under Democracy and I’ll control those lands under Communism, and we will continue to play chess over the other lands and trades we cannot agree on, and as long as we don’t fight each other directly, we will still be in control and White Supremacy will reign…” … And the WWII oust Red Gomers of India, Arabia and elsewhere settled for whatever deal they were cut in on. Whether it was because they had the oil or they were the traders and became the runners, it was their portion. But when the white boys decided to come together for whatever reasons, they both pulled away from the lands they used to maintain their old trade schemes in order to regroup for a new age, a new change, and this would be when the troubles began. It seems as though since that time, the world has been unraveling at the seems. Africa has been falling apart like a domino affect. In the 1980s while the cry went up against the Iron Wall, the countries in Africa were feeling the pangs. In 1990, the Gulf Wars begin in Iraq and was followed in 1991 with Operation Desert Storm. Somalia began having a severe civil crisis in 1992 as a result of some abrupt changes in regards to the past regime, and by the end of the year in December 1992, America stepped onto the scene. President Bush ordered 28,000 US troops to Somalia in what became known as Operation Restore Hope.

    Of course this mission was also sent to put a stop to certain militants cited as the reasons for causing widespread violence and sufferings upon the Somali people, one of which was Mohamed Farrah Aidid. But here in lies the problem and the question that should be prompted; Was it really Aidid and the former deposed regime, the Barre regime, that was the main cause of the incredible atrocities brought upon the Somali people, or was it due to broken bonds, trade bonds, that had existed between the Somalis, their Arab-Muslim brotherhood and certain other dignitaries all of which had worked in support of the Cold War trade system and that ended only two years prior? Were there broken trade agreements that sparked an intense act of rage and revenge that emanated from the Somali leaders? Did they just become an easy scapegoat for a much larger problem that began about forty years ago at the set up of the Cold War trade system of which they were apart of and then suddenly discarded at the ending of it? Did they become an easy target to blame for the past exploitations in certain parts of Africa of whom were left destitute as a result of this Cold War trade system? Were they replaced by others in East Africa in order to set up another system? At any rate, the stage was set for the conflict that ensued that next year in 1993 that spurred a book and a movie called Black Hawk Down. And there happens to be much more hidden details that needs to be brought out about this story that concerns all humankind.

    Today, there happens to be a rage all over ‘the Middle East’ and in Arab the countries in Africa as well, in the shout for a new reformed government. Everyone seems to shout and cry for Democracy and help from the American powerhouse…Hopefully, African American descendants of slaves will never forget that it took 200 years of child slave labor brought in from slave ships that set up this foundation of Democracy in America. Hopefully, they will realize why Jesus once prophesized about 2500 years ago, that a government built up on the backs of human slavery under an evil lie and deception that Christianity condone it, this system must come up for review at the very least. If the descendants are still suffering from that predicament and have not received any just compensation, then the physical shackles that supposedly was taken off in 1865 is a false façade. If a government like that is allowed to stand continually without any course of review, then the justification of the slavery and human sacrifice of millions and millions of little Black children for the set up of Democracy will always be deemed a worthy cause for the world to follow, and history will repeat…It’s not okay.

    Thus since the ending of the Cold War in December 1989, we have been hearing about wars and rumors of wars and should it be a surprise? It could simply be seen as a sign of the times, and the repercussions of a free fall. Cont…

    The Cold War was the most important political and diplomatic issue of the early postwar period. The main Cold War enemies were the United States and the Soviet Union. The Cold war got its name because both sides were afraid of fighting each other directly. In such a "hot war," nuclear weapons might destroy everything. So, instead, they fought each other indirectly. They played havoc with conflicts in different parts of the world. They also used words as weapons. They threatened and denounced each other…

    Cold War

    Brief introductory background information and history of the Cold War

    The demise of the Cold War is commonly associated with the collapse of the Soviet empire in East Europe in late 1989 or with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and of Communism in 1991...

    The Persian Gulf War (August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991), commonly referred to as simply the Gulf War, was a war waged by a U.N.-authorized coalition force from thirty-four nations led by Britain and the United States, against Iraq.

    This war has also been referred to (by the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein) as the Mother of All Battles,[12]…

    The War in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001,[31] as the US Armed Forces launched Operation Enduring Freedom along with the British Armed Forces and Afghan United Front (Northern Alliance) in response to the September 11 attacks with the stated goal of defeating al-Qaeda and ending its use of Afghanistan as a base for terrorist operations. The U.S. also promised to remove the Taliban regime from power and create a viable democratic state.–present) ​

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    ST MATTHEW 24:6.​