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    Can anyone help me out in the direction of my research into:

    What exactly is the make up of Black Hair? and:
    What are the actual physical effects of "perming" on our hair? and: what effect does this have on the endorine system?
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    there is 3 main sturctures of the hair...
    assocaited with the hair root

    1.follicle...a pocket in the skin/scalp that encases the hair
    it do not run straight down into the skin/scalp.... shaped structure that forms the lower part of the root...which fits over the thrid part

    3.papilla.....this also located at the bottom of the hair follicle this is the nerve supply that contributes to the growth and regenertion of the hair.....

    the physcial structure of hair
    is sub divided in 3 major parts as well..

    1.cuticle...outer layer..which is the horny layer overlappinand protectin scale like cells pointin away from the scalp toward the hair not contribut to the weight..

    2.cortex...the major component of the hair structure..accounts for up to 90% of its total weight.. the innermost section of the hair structure the function of the medulla if any is unknown...

    there is no make of black hair everyone have the same layers..some thin/fine..meduim and coarse....far as color....
    the natural color of hair its strength and texture depends mainly on heredity....the cortex contains coloring matter minute grains of melanin or pigment....
    the color of the person hair depends on this...
    how light or how dark....from the number of grains of color pigment in each strand....

    a albino person born with white hair is absence of coloring matter in the hair shaft...

    far as perming
    Perming and straightening cause a good deal of damage, and are particularly hard on fragile African American hair.
    if you are concerning a perm go mild very mild and in a few weeks wash with a very mild shampoo....and condition hair and not with that balsm conditoner......leave in conditioner is good....oil sheen olive sheen is very good...isoplus tends to dry the hair out ....a but first time users you want to go mild...not extra strength...
    and box perms i dont prefer....
    we need the oil for our you would make sure you keep it a wet newspaper once it dries what do it do?

    endocrine glands....are ductless glands and have secretions called homones delivered directly into the blood stream which in turns influcences the welfare of the bodyand the health of hair...