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    FYI: I went to the CVS on Taylor and Cedar Rd. one day last week. On
    the selves in the black hair care product section was a posting that
    "this section is being monitored by anti-theft devices and cameras".

    The following e-mail was sent to me today from a friend:

    This is a follow up to the e-mail which I sent on Friday. On today, I
    went to my neighborhood CVS store to personally see for myself if the
    news reports of this national drug store profiling African-Americans by
    placing anti-theft devices on only Black hair care products were valid.
    After arriving at this store, I looked at both expensive and none
    expensive White hair products and I found NO anti-theft devices. I then
    looked on the boxes of both expensive and not expensive Black hair care
    products. What I found was shocking! ONLY Black hair care products had
    anti-theft devices on them. I immediately went to the store management
    and asked why did only the Black hair products have these devices? The
    store manager looked like a 'deer caught in the headlights of an
    approaching car.' He said White hair products also had the anti-theft
    devices. I asked him to walk please walk to the aisle with me and show
    me the White hair care products which had these anti-theft devices and
    he refused escort me to the aisle and show me and he was not able to
    tell me of any White hair care products which had the anti-theft devices
    on them! I immediately turned in my CVS cards and respectfully told this
    manger I would NEVER shop in this store and that I would inform all of
    my family, friends and Internet friends of this. I am now keeping my
    promise to inform each of you of this dirty, hidden, secret ploy of this
    national drug store CVS. I hope each of you inform your friends, family
    and Internet contacts and stay clear of this national store.