Black People : Black Friday: The Real Deal

LOLOL, I was actually referring to the OP, who I don't THINK was you, I thought it was a girl, but she was trying to imply with earlier posts that even if we DID make the effort not to give white people our money directly, they would still somehow end up with it all in the end because it makes no difference. I was only saying, if it makes no difference, why does everyone else do it here in the "melting pot" we call America. The only ones "melting" 100% of our money with everyone else, is Black people. Everyone else consolidates and supports each other, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I come off as over-bearing sometimes, it is one of those things I work on. Being specific with my sarcastic remarks, sharp views and political opinions that I air whenever I feel like typing is another thing I need to work on ;)

I apologize my sista, I just assumed it was me...well I guess what they say about assuming is true...:SuN049:

And no problem sista...Like I said, I thank you for sharing because many of us have things to share like that, but keep it to themselves.


Much luv and respect:grouphug:

1. I don't know where the term "slavery" comes from if brown people themselves choose to work there. Or maybe you are referring to the history of Black Friday that involves slavery? I knew certain black folks would say this. Of course it has to do with slavery! Everything that coincidentally contains the word "black" in it has to do with slavery and black people. -_-

Honey, you need to educate yourself. YES plenty of African and other brown people are ENSLAVED as in they cannot go home and are not paid and were most likely taken away by force. This is happening as I type. Nestle does it with zero shame. Hersheys, I believe, does the same thing. Makes you think about all those "Holidays" white people hold so dear--MOST of which practically orbit around chocolate consumption....or DOES it? Because have they ever really cared where there pleasures came from? It has only been about the cost. After all, oranges were once a commodity to Europeans.

Disney, Nike, Gap, etc. etc. If you ever have half a moment go look at the Congo--the supposed "richest" country in Africa with the poorest people, and an average age of 17yrs old.

If you are buying something "cheap" that appears to be a "really good deal" (or hell, even if you aren't because plenty of designer companies do the same) chances are you are supporting the ENSLAVEMENT or at least the extreme Exploitation (to the point of starvation and malnutrition) of your brothers and sisters WORLDWIDE. It's not just you, it's your family, your neighbors, and the ***-hole yelling about White Genocide on the internet.

(It is actually this that makes me question every cold Asian I see with an Apple product...I want to ask "You know your cousin is throwing herself off the factory building, right?")

And you ask "What good does it do to buy black?" I don't know about you, but respecting my ancestors puts a fire in my belly.

Also, what's the use of changing minimum wage, if the system which created the problem initially is STILL IN PLACE.


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