Steals and Deals : Black Friday: From It's Original Meaning To What It Is Today

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    It's original meaning is steeped in the typical racist American construct. Not about the profit line as opposed to "Red Friday" but what America's racist institution considered the wanton disruption and more so the destruction of property by Blacks akin to rioting, looting and burning of retail property not owned by them not for their perception of injustice but to profit from innocent retailers who dare serve them with risk.
    Black Friday (shopping) - Wikipedia

    Why Do We Call It ‘Black Friday’?

    The term has come to denote joyous commercial excess, stupendous deals and big profits. But it wasn’t always this way.

    FACT CHECK: How Did 'Black Friday' Get Its Name?

    The term 'Black Friday' did not originate with the practice of selling off slaves on the day after Thanksgiving.

    The original American Negro product.


    Sales flyer.


    The new American slaves of "ALL" colors. Like the Rainbow slave coalition if you will.


    The new and improved mind control sales flyer. We're not prejudiced we hawk our overpriced Chinese crap to White and Black alike. Just swipe that Visa Card right here. See you in 364 days maam. Next please?


    At least three malls in various states suffered massive losses due to violence in the name of camping out at stores for days in the name of trying to save a buck and 8 out of 10 were "NOT" Black, we don't roll with that camping BS. Unlike social media instigated "Flash Mobbing" which the police and it's media shills labeled it being a serious Black youth epidemic exacting a serious toll to mall proprietors and innocent White shoppers especially White mothers shopping with their children and infants.

    Fast forward to the last 12 hours, now it appears this is a new style of "Flash Mobbing" but notice who's doing 99% of the mobbing, fighting, looting and shoplifting?

    Come back again ya'll.
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