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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Now, before you say something about the way the subject is phrased, let me say this to you, if my immediate Ancestors could communicate that way, then so can I, because like them, they detest the way they were being conditioned to be, by the enslaved enforcers and they knew that the most important thing when communicating, is not to demonstrate how much you believe you know and how intelligent you pretend to be, our Ancestors informed me long ago that the Divine Purpose in commuicating is to be understood, because without understanding, your action will be that as a ignorant Fool, because you would have set yourself up to be Fooled all of the time, because as our Ancient Ancesors say, Where there Is No Understanding The Peole Periish from a Lack Of Knowledge and that Knowledge can be about any and everything that come to confront the Black Life.

So, for instance, the Lack of Knowledge among the Black world is about Religion and what make the Need to know about Religion is what is important and that it is Religion that shape our present adopted Mind, which cause us to base most everything we engage our Life with upon it and religion is to be based upon a religious belief and Religion is not the creation by the Divine Black Being, but is that of Lucifer, Satan, that Devilish Human Being, so no, beloved, Black People do not own Religion, we just believe religiously in its Lying Doctrine.

Now you Black People know that I have often told you what I share with you about anything that affect the Life of Black People, you have the Freedom to eiher Receive it or Reject it and how ever you decide to approach the divine Truth which I share wih you, such has no lingering affect upon my Divine Mind, because I am not sharing with you the DivineKnowledge with an intent to convence you of anything about that which I share with you, because my obligaton our First Way Divine Ancestors and is to only share with you that information we have been conditioned to Long ago forget, and now here it is appearing before you once again, testng your Will to know about our Black Dvine Selves.

You Black People who now know of me, you know that I seldom engage in entertainng you regarding that which I share, with a back and forth reply, not unless you have presnted to me a seriousness to desire to Know the Divine Truth or that I can detect something coming from you that I can feast upon that will increase my Kowledge concerning our Black Life exposer and involvement and the Mental Food must be of a difference of that hich I have been tricked to feast upon, prepared by that Lying Devilish Human Being, but not anymore,

Many that respond to me concerning that whih I share with you, do so under the motivation of Envy, vain Jealousy, guided by an ucontrollable Ego, that beloved, is a recipe for Mental disaster, which most so call Afrikan Human Beings feast upon and our divine Ancient First Way Ancestors inform me that all that wear the same phenotype description of us black Folks, will not become qualified again to dine at the Table of Divine Truth and Reality Again, concerning the Black Life revealing what was/ is the cause of our Mental affliction and that I am to remember, my only obligation is to share the Divine Truth and to be available to those of us who are serious about being reminded about what happen to us Black people and who was / is the cause for our Lowly mental state, where Black peole now revolve.

If I should identify whom we are, without clarification of whom I be speaking of, most of you Black People will not be able to Comprehend, thus you will not be qualified to understand, because you do not know whom we are, as an Anthopormorpous Being so as you no doubt notice i ometme inchangeable refer o us as Black and Divine Beings, knowing that Black is a made up descriptive indication of a None Color, in order to reference a once divne Being, those Beings that is an intrical and intricate entity of the Eternal infinte Shadowy Space, that of which the Divne Essence Make Manifest to you, that which the Human Being refer to as being Black, Dark, and Night, Perfect that it is

So yes, when I refer to us people with a Melnated organic Surface as Black People, I am really indicaing to you, your Divinity, because the Infinite Eternal Shadowy Eternal Infinite Space, Is Of The Divine Essence, Out Of Which All That Is and Is Not Reside, and Come forth From and Go Back Into, so you Shadowy People are the Undisputed Relatve to that Perfct Night.

Now, let us get on the Suject Matter at hand.

The Black World do not own Religion, we dd not Create Relgion, because our Knowledge of God, Universe, and our Black selves are not based upon some percepton of religious blief, but is based upn the Divine Knowledge of kowing what God Is, The Meaning and Pupose Of The Universe, and a Knowledge of our Black Selves relatonshp to that which we Black People form the trinity of that Divne Truth and Reality, concernng God, Space, ( Universe ) and Life Beings.

There is no doubt to intelligent Thinking Black People, that Religon is the weapon used to control the Black Nation Civilizaton, using, yes Force, Tricks, and acts of Lying and Deception, and since that is the Divine Truth about Religin acts and intent, no way did Black Divine Beings created religion, Why? bcause in your state of divineLving, there was no Need for a Religious Belief concerning God, universe and our Black Selves, our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors moved and was Motivated based upon the Divine Knowledge they conceived of, from the Divine essence of All Things.

Beloved, it take a very profane Mind to rise to believe it can Rival God, Challenge God, and with a desire to become GOD being the Beings that we are, so when Black People refet to ourselves as being goddess and gods, we speak of not the Body but of the Diine Mind, because in actuality, we are what we Think and not Believe, because in belief, Divnity does not reside, Diviity is all about Knowing, so when you do not know, you set yourself up to believe anything and everything anybody tell you to believe.

So, it is religion that require you to believe in its Man Made Human Being doctrne, created for the mere purpose to subdue the Divine Mind of Black People, so that it may conquer the world as it is and every Time somebody Black become offended because the divine Truth is now revealing the Evil iherit in Religion and you take offense to such a Divine Truth, personally, in stating that their religion is under attack, such an attitude and behavior only demonstrate how successful religion is, in converting the Mind of Black People to that of the Human Being Mind, a Mind full of Lies and acts of Deceit, a behavor that has become he personality of a once Divine Black Being.

How Pitiful, Sad And Ignorant Black People Have Become In The Presence Of Other People Religion.

When the Human Being Religion is being attacked and it should be, the attack is aganst a Relgion Black people have been duped and Doped into claiming and defending our own mental Demise, because there is no profound Reasoning and Logic that can be used to justify the defense we put up in behalf of the White, jewish, and Arab Religion, calling it our own, yet we have been made to become so Mentally sick to the stage of identifying Religion to be our to own, when all that Religion has been done, is to successful get Black People to adopt the people that oppressed Black people into believing in a Religion used to conquer the Mind of a once Divine Black Being.

Beloved, in our attack upon Religion and we must do so, it is not about you believers personally, it is about a weapon that is being still used to paralyze the Mind of a once Great Divne Black Nation and as long as that be the case of Black People, such prevent our Rise back into our divine Mind, that which is needed to save Afrika and the Black World, a People who once lived a perfect and Joyous Life uon this Planet, because that was the Quality of Mnd our Ancient Cosmic Divine Shadowy Ancestors brought to this planet and did passed it on to their off-sprangs that plentified this Planet with the people of the Mind of their Divine Ancient first way Ancestors and now today, observe the present condition of the Black World, all wrapped up in the Religion of those with a History of Oppressing Black People, calling such weapon used to destroy the Mind of Black People, our own.

This moment in Time is way more about, than the Human Being Feeble Belief Religious system, it is about saving the Black World and Afrika, and in doing so, the World in general will come under sbmission to an orignal established Divine order that originally was the Life style of a Divne People, now referred to using all sorts of names to refer to us Black Melinated People, a people with a Body temple that resemble the Eternal Infinite Shadowy Space, that which represent the Divine Truth and Reality, out of which all Things Flow and Return.

Beloved, you Black Peole Don't Own No Religin, we are just an adopted prisoner of it, and now we are reluctant to let it go, now that the divine Truth has returned to take you back Home into your Divine Mind.

Here Is Lovingly Thinkng Of You

Chief Elder]


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