Chief Elder Osiris : Black Folks Are to Carry The Burden Of guilt?

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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Who in their Right Black Mind can make such a claim to indicate that the burden of a victory for Obama lay squarely in the Mental lap of Black People in America, why is it that the so call Afrikan American love to pretend that we Black folks matter in the game of white folks Politics and to insinuate that an Obama win will matter in a Justifying way to Black Folks in America, we acting as if it is Obama that stand between Black People and Black People receiving Justice in America, as if Obama represent the America Dream to the so call Afrikan in America.

    Will we ever become tired of pretending to be of significance in America politics, to the point that it matters who it is that sit in the big chair in those White folks White House, as some Phony Afrikan leaders who want to be important Negro Afrikan Americans, attempt to pin a guilt upon Black People, if Obama does not win.

    So I ask of your Self involved Afrikan Americans, tell me, what will Black folks gain from having an Obama victory, Mind you now, pride and bragging rights do not count, because such emotion does not change the physical dynamics that Black Folks have with Justice, Freedom, and Independence in America, such which now serve as an enemy to the so call Afrikan American, as those principals hang before the face of black Folks like Carrots that are not to be reached nor to be experienced in America.

    So, no matter how much those phony so call Afrikan American Leaders Play with your Head, in getting you to believe that Justice, Respect, and Equality of opportunity is just an Obama away, if you Black folks buy such lies of deception, then you really are Pitiful and relax in your dependency upon America white folks for your Livelihood, which is never enough for you to experience Justice and Freedom in America.

    The Audacity of some Black folks making such a claim that black people have a responsibility to go out and vote for Obama or to participate in America politics, and if you do not, and Obama lose, then the only thing you have to blame, so they say is your Black selves.

    So tell me, given the story of our sojourn to America, how intelligent does such a claim being made about Black People, in relationship to White folks Politics and Black folks having a need to pin blame of guilt upon Black people, if Obama lose?

    The last time I looked and is able to see, America still is set upon the foundation of racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination against Black folks en mass, in America, so get away from me, you being in all of your Black high flaunting Mimicry of White people, implying that Obama represent Justice and free Will accomplishment in America for black People.

    Tell me, haven't you Black People been persuaded to believe and accept that America, because of Obama serving as the Democratic Nominee, that Black Folks are no longer Black and that race in America is no longer a factor, and that you Black People have been conditioned to become invisible in America, willing to jump squarely into the America Melting pot?

    Are you Black people so America Blind to the point that the America you long for, to impliment your dream, has long been gone, there is no more America the Republic, which never was to serve you Black people, and most certainly there is no America today, that is out to render to your Black Behind, Justice and respect, just look at what you are now praying for Obama to inherit in America, so America History can print, accusing the Fall of America on the Administration of an Obama presidency and if Mccain is elected the claim by History will say that such an econmic colasp was in motion many years prior to the McCain Presidency.

    Can you Understand that, Beloved.

    So Hell No!, do not attempt to send a guilt trip to Black folks if Racism prevail in this presidential election and if I was a betting man,I would have to put my money on racism, yet my bet would not represent my desire, which is for Obama to win.

    Tell me, why is it that those phony so call Black leaders, Civil rights Advocates, Black Nationalist Advocated, Pan-Afrikan Nationalist , Militants alike, who are so wrapped up in the Obama Craze, why is it that you can not become just as excited over the call for Reparation, Repatriation and our Right to become Self-govern in Afrika, with the same and with greater intensity of enthusiasm as you display over the want by you, for Obama to become America next President. a position that hold no promise to changing the Life Condition of Black people in America Capitalist system?

    can you Understand such a question, beloved?

    Be Kind to your selves, Beloved


    Chief Elder