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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    I come sharing with you seeking no personal favors of personal accolade from you nor do I seek any leadership honors from you, all I desire of you my Black Sisters and Brothers is that we as a Black fallen Nation become motivated to reclaim our Divine mind back and yes, I say back, because I know at earlier time we Black People did not live as Human Beings but we lived as Divine Beings and because of that Divine Truth, we were qualified to interact with the Universe, up close and personal, and in return, the Universe equipped us with the Knowledge and Understanding to build the Greatest Civilization to have ever dawned this Planet Earth and I Think that is something we Black People shall never belittle or disrespect.

    When ever you see me revealing what our Ancient First Way Ancestors have revealed to me concerning the Human Being Religion and all of its Denomination serving as its attributes and we black People proudly make claim to that religion, wearing the Mark in your forehead, showing complete submission to a Religious Institution that did in fact spread the religious disease that did in fact cause the down fall of the Black world, it leave those of us that has been touched by our First Way Ancestors to obey our gods and take a stand in revealing the evil and profanity of religion, the weapon that served as the weapon of Mass Destruction that did in fact change the black World way of Thinking so much so until we abandon such Mental exercise in exchange for a Belief system that demand total submission to a doctrine that has paralyze the mentality of the Black Fallen World.

    No beloved I can not sit quite and watch the continue falling of a once Great nation, when the gods our First way Divine cosmic Black Ancestors have ordain me to share with you what they reveal to me concerning that Human Being and his Religion.

    My Fight is not with Black People, it is with what we have become and what we have become is destroying the Black Fallen World continuously, all because we have become addicted to a Religion in whose Name of the Star Character of that Religion we confess to be, calling ourselves Christians, claiming to be disciples of Jesus Christ, the symbol of the Black World destruction, a Fallen Nation that now do not know the way back Home to our Divine mind and you tell me that I am to honor such a claim that come from Christians and the religious fanatics when they say that their religion is personal and should be left alone from being revealed of being the evil it represent to the Black Fallen World?

    No, No, religion has no safe haven to hide, from the divine Truth, and such a Christian belief is not personal when such a belief is aiding the Human Being, the Creator of Religion, that which knocked the Black World off of our Divine Throne, not individually but collectively, so No, religion and our claim to it by wearing its Mark in our Fore head does not exempt the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Rabbis and their followers from being revealed for what they have done in assisting in bringjng about the down fall of the Black world and I must say, my action is personal, as I reveal the Lies and act of deception religion serve to be to the Black World.

    No, we must not attempt to use our Elders of Old to shield our Christian action today, our Elders of their Christian day, they were doing all that they believed they had been told to believe about the Religious teaching of their day, they lived and worshiped Jesus for one reason only and that is for Jesus to come and they go back home with him, not in Afrika but in Heaven and there they will be able to kiss and wash Jesus feet forever more.

    No, you can not hold up our Elders Religious affiliation and claim whenever today that we describe the Christians today, that we be describing our Elders as well and I say yes we do, but here is the difference in your Elders and you today Christians, our Elders had the Curtain of Bliss protecting them concerning their ignorance about religion, the Divine Truth had not yet come to them, but now, you Christians no longer can use our Elders as a shield of example to protect your ignorance about the religions of your captivity, you no longer have the Curtain of Bliss protecting you today because the Divine Truth has come and is revealing religion for what it is and has done against the Black World and there is no Mercy warranted and no forgiveness given without Repentance and that must come with the submission to the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is to be used to uplift a fallen Black Nation.

    This fight against Religion is not about the individual, you and me, it is about the Collective Black Fallen world, so we must, those of us that have been given the revelation about the Divine Truth and What God Is and the Meaning and Purpose of the Universe, not to you individually but collectively and whom you Black Fallen People are, rounding out the Trinity of the Divine Law of Eternal Infinite Existence, information that come from that Divine Reality come only from the Divine Black Theology, qualified of providing a Spiritual Reawakening to the Collective Black Fallen world.

    My Mind is always involved with the Black Fallen World, giving me the revelation of the value of the Black World, giving me a Mental Vibration that is Divinely Real toward the Black world, yet you use the Religious irrational emotion of what is referred to as Love FOR JESUS, you gyrating from the physical sensation it bring.

    My action in revealing the Lies and acts of Religious Deception is Real and Uncompromising because it is not I that move me to do as I say and share with you that which I do, so your beef is not with me but with your Divine Cosmic Ancestors, yet I am prepared to take your objection with Humility, knowing that we Black People know not why we act and behavior as we do toward the Divine Truth

    All Time, All People did not Lie and were not of imperfection, such is the teaching of the Human Being Religion claiming such about Life Intelligent Beings, yet they the Human Being, they are Author of such Lies and deception, yet the Black fallen world has been condition to accept the act of Lying, being deceptive, and imperfect, by the Religion you now follow and that is why you can make such statements like, " I am only Human" when we do evil or that, " there is no one perfect ", as if such a conditional religious belief, give permission for you to become a Liar and deceiver and cause you to not strive for perfection in this Life, the only one you will ever experience on this Planet and will not be experiencing beyond this Life, which is why our Ancient First Way Ancestors came to this planet and was Divine and there is no lying, deception and imperfection in Divinity, because all things Divine is in action expressing Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    Black woman and Man, you can not get up out of your Misery state, not until you come to know that you must reclaim your Divine Mind and that will enable YOU AND have you to start THINKING AGAIN, and when we do, the Black World will get up from our Fallen position in Life today.



    Had Religion Not Come, Then All Of Our Efforts And Concern Would Only be About This Life.

    Here Is Loving ( Thinking Of ) you


    Chief Elder
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