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    Aug 14, 2003
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    I don't understand why we can't get the backing to create great black films. There are alot of rich black folks who can resolve this problem. Couldn't you see a black cast in Basic Instinct, Dangerous Liasions,Silence of the Lambs, Face Off etc. Well you get the picture.
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    Mar 17, 2002
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    boringham, alabama
    i harmonize w ur concerns. short answer: $ there is simply no financial impetus 4 the production of blk films, when our blk teens & young adults will stand n line 2 watch their yt idols.

    'There are alot of rich black folks who can resolve this problem. '

    there r a lot more not so rich that cld also. i was priviledged 2 attend a wkshop earlier this yr by a brother who is a schoolteacher n new orleans. he teaches hi school (yes, u read that right) students how 2 make movies. no, i'm not talking about used cam corders & shaky, boring home video's. i'm talking digital movie camera's that cost about $5k each, but can churn out good quality images that resemble the kind some of us r forking out $8 a pop 2 view. what i feel is needed most is a change in the attitude of us as consumers of the current crop of junk hollywood is passing off as art/entertainment. when our ppl & neighborhoods get tired of sending an eva increasing % of their limited resources thru the pipeline 2 ppl who don't look like us & certainly cld care less about employing us, 4 his cable/movies, & begin to circulate most, or all, of those $ n our own neighborhoods, the finished product will look a lot more afrocentric.

    anytime they hv 2 regularly ciphon out comic book characters (superman, batman, batwoman, flash, daredevil, hulk) 2 pass off as original stories, u kno they're desperate. don't wait on the rich. they did not b/c rich 2 solve our problems. sho hollywood that u can market a viable alternative that affects their bottom line & they will b at ur doorstep (or their xecutioners will b). they hate competition.

    'Couldn't you see a black cast in Basic Instinct, Dangerous Liasions,Silence of the Lambs, Face Off etc.'

    yes i cld, & that wld make me sad almost 2 tears. not meaning 2 sound mean spirited, but what's up w putting blk faces on essentially yt stories? let the yt's tell their own stories. being the oldest ppl on the planet, & some of the best storytellers, we hv a plethora of our own stories to tell, n our own way. 4tunately, we also hv some of the most creative talent on the planet w which to devise new tales. nothing much will change until our primary concern when selecting the evening's entertainment goes beyond t&a, bloodletting, & cutting edge special effects. when we lrn 2 ask & answer the question: who is going 2 employ our sons & daughters when they wish 2 display their creative talents?, n ernest, the movie industry will stop taking us 4 granted.

    & f they don't, it won't matter anymore.
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    Mar 10, 2003
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    i have been saying the same thing...there are enough blacks in hollywood who command 10+ million per film who can combine their resources and help make way for black hollywood to have life...i say denzel and halle as well as others need to step up and show how effective black unity can be...and it will allow america to see how many great actors we really have...
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    May 3, 2002
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    haven't you all heard...suppossedly this is happening...they are getting together and giving each other a hand---Black Hollywood that is. Some of the Biggest White Blockbusters of the last 5 years have been directed by Blacks---men and women....I read it in American Legacy Magazine's supplement on women in film... we have also written on many of the Blockbusters period...

    I have to agree with doc... we have stories to tell--all kinds of stories... we need to bank something along the lines of independant theater first--- (something like what Spike did); or an even better example is our independent Black Broadway; that really got a boost from Savon Glovers thing--- what was it called, helped me here... and again, like the doc says, Whites came in to cash in, messed it up because they know everything, and that ended that (the same thing happened with RiverDance---it was Irish, then...)

    Good Topic Enigma.... we can have almost everything we desire if we decide to have it--- and help each other to achieve it.