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    I am still on a natural high from the goings on with this company earlier today. I got my check mailed and am about to make dinner for my children. I wanted to take a minute and shoot this info to you. This is the message that I sent out to my people on a group I moderate called:

    Black SUCCESS Beat

    WISDOM: There is in this world, no such force as the force of a {wo}man determined to rise. -W.E.B.DuBois Forum is Dedicated to Black & multi-Ethnic Diversity & SUCCESS in NUMBERS! Someone said to me "it shouldn't matter what your race is. It's...

    Read on and please tell me how it all hits ya! Here we go:


    I was on with Black Female CEO, Bibi Jarvis and her business associates last night. Many of them were millionaires. Most of them were white males. It blew me away!

    Do you have any idea what the rich big doggs are busy working on out here? It is amazing! It is the kind of stuff that we always get left out of. Thanks to Ms. Jarvis we all have a chance to leverage the opportunity for ourselves, our families and our community to get a piece of a huge flow some of the major capital that surges through the American economy back into our community for a change.

    I am sad.

    I'm sad because I know that I do not possess the command of the English language to help everyone who needs to know about this to comprehend the awesome proportions of what I am trying to reveal to you all here. I know that some will continue to struggle simply because I was not effective enough at getting this message across.

    I have asked the Creator to guide my words. I just have to have faith that those who are destined to have massive SUCCESS on their life's path will listen, learn and discover that this is their chance.

    The only consolation I have for the sadness I feel for those who just won't ever 'get it' is that you or someone you know is open and ready for blessings to flow in awesome abundance into your life and the lives of everyone you know. At least I can be instrumental in that regard. That is something. It will have to suffice...for now.

    Please pay very close attention to the information I am about to share with you and be ready to share it en masse with the African American community at large as well as all other under represented communities in this society.

    As my girl Tracey Chapman says in her song, "Don't ya know...where talking about a REVOLUTION!" For just as the 60's are known for the Civil Rights empowerment of our people, this new millennium shall be forever known as the Financial Rites of Passage & Empowerment of our people.

    So I want to thank you for reviewing and sharing this important information on Renaissance Travel Group, LLC, a licensed TraveLogia agency whose mission is to usher our people into the larger system where millions are changing hands as you read these words. I am attaching a couple of basic documents re: Renaissance Travel Group and TraveLogia.

    You can view the business presentation online at and to learn more about the revolutionary BoardingPass software. Click on the numbers 1,2,3,4 and also the NBC logo (on the business presentation site) to see the featured clip that aired nationwide last year. The basic travel site is

    Please review the following PDF file as it will provide an overview of what Free2Dream Travelogia is ready to do for you and your organization!

    Please listen to the message from the corporate CEO!

    Why TraveLogia?

    Timing, Leverage, & Positioning
    by Adam Gilmer, President, CEO TraveLogia
    Toll free: 866-514-0003

    Please note that the new version of the websites will be launched in the next couple of months. They were unveiled last month at our Executive Affiliate conference in Puerto Rico.

    Once you have reviewed the background information, I would like to invite you on a conference call to learn more about our plan to literally flood our community with this money generating enterprise and how you and everyone you know can get a substantial piece of the pie.

    Our Renaissance Travel Group assistant is Tracey Gale. Write me after you review the information provided. I will put you in touch with Ms. Gale. She will set up a conference call between the CEO of Renaissance travel Group, Bibi Jarvis, you and me.

    This industry is generating TRILLIONS of dollars. It will do so with or without our community coming in and positioning itself to benefit from this phenomenal financial landslide. Bibi Jarvis and I are dedicated to bringing as many African American, Black, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American and Women with entrepreneurial aspiration in with us. Lives will be changed! This entire country will be changed as we come together on this.

    We want you to be a part of this but we will not hold it against you if you review all of the information only to find that you are not ready for such an expansive opportunity. Many, however, are ready.

    This opportunity is what they have prayed for and waited for all of their lives. "So don't block NO blessings!" We ask that you please at least share this with other individuals in our community who we may not be able to reach without your help. Be a life-line to divine SUCCESS for somebody!

    This is good for individuals, clubs, churches, schools, universities, non-profits, small or large businesses---any organization that wants to position itself to reap the massive financial rewards that are flowing from this industry.

    Wishing YOU
    Continued SUCCESS
    Always & In
    ALL Ways!

    LB Lacey
    Renaissance Travel Group, LLC
    A Licensed TraveLogia Agency


    PS: By all means go to the site and pick up your FREE 3 day/ 2 night vacation along with your FREE BoardingPass. The company is just giving them out so there is no reason why you and everyone you know should not take full advantage of that...everyone else is!

    PPS: Hurry before you go on. Forward this message to 10 or more friends or associates who need a vacation or better yet need a way to empower our community while generating substantial revenue for themselves. I PROMISE you that they will be forever grateful to you!
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    LB Lacey ... Good Morning and Welcome ... Please don't spam our forum with your advertisements. You're more than welcome to post to one forum, but not the same information to more than one. I've deleted the duplicate post(s) and moved this thread to the Web Sites / Business / Technology forum where advertisements are welcome.


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    can we get the short version - no way i am reading all of that. give me a 2 paragraph paraphrase. what are they selling? what does it cost?