Black People : Black Farmers losing land

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    Jan 25, 2005
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    I am using this thread to highlight the plight of black farmers.
    Black farming is in a crisis. At the turn of the century balck farmers collectively owned about 15 million acres of land now that number is down to about 3 million. The cause of the reduction is the the racist practices of the USDA(United States Department of Agriculture) who help to subsidize american farmers. A lot of farmers need these government funds to stay in business. While white farmers get plenty of funds from the USDA pretty much without delay,black farmers are routinely told to wait even though some black farmers have waited years to get funds which were promised to them by the goverment,black farmers are still waiting for what is due to them. Some black farmers give up and sell their property to rich white farmers who like nothing more than seeing another black farmer lose his land. Although black farmers have been united together for many years to change their situation, it seems like the government still will not try to do anything about how the USDA gives out funds because they obviously want all black farmers to give up their land. The goverment knows that ownership of land means power and they dont want anyone of color to have power.
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    The Diaspora
    Thank you for posting this information brother Oceolo. One option I could advise some of these farmers do is relocate to Africa, which is desperately in need of farmers. The small farms they have in America can become large scale farms in Africa. Many countries might even give them plots of land.