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Sep 29, 2005
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MetaSaience said:
Yes! Sis. Fine1952, Queen Afua's book "Heal Thyself" is excellent. I believe in the vision of this wonderful Queen Mother, because she challenges us to go back to our stable roots of African nutrition and health.

In becoming an awakened African woman, she began to soul search into what was our form of medicine and healing. She learnt that in the past, African Priestesses and Priests used the knowledge of natural remedies, such as aromatherapy, herbology, reflexology and hydrotherapy, to heal. On a trip to Khamit (Egypt), she saw the spiritual significance of a woman's womb in the form of the Neter (Goddess) Nut. This led to her to recognizing the womb as the female sacred center. In her latest book, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit, Queen Afua writes "Arit is the original khamitic word for 'spiritual energy centre' or 'gateway'. The aritu (plural) are also referred to as the charkas. The womb arit corresponds to the second chakra representing the aspects of procreation, inspiration and family."

Therefore, if the womb has been damaged in any way, a woman's level of creativity and inspiration, stability, success in relationships and fertility levels is potentially impaired.

The (sacred) womb is the first gate to the Nine Gateways - spiritual rites of passage - encountered in the Sacred Woman training. In the process of healing ourselves we have to first complete the 21-day Sacred Womb training, before having the option of exploring what lies beyond the gateways of: Sacred word, Sacred Food; Sacred Movement; Sacred Space, Sacred Beauty; Sacred Healing; Sacred Relationship; Sacred Unions and Sacred Lotus Initiation.

Our Beloved Goddess Auset333 would agree, there is too much WOMB ABUSE going on in the world! This is also a very important factor to healing the Black Family. What is a Black Family at all, if the WOMB of our Women are abused?

As Men, we should be Womb healers. We should understand this nature of healing is sexual, and beyond the sexual. If the Woman is dis-eased- then her illnesses, whether mental or physical- leeches out within the Womb into the child.

Then when a child is born, we say- why is this child so darn BAD! No. The child is too cute to be bad! Too divine to be bad! The child is expressing all the emotions they received from the Mother through the Womb.


Very powerful message.

But let's also look at the abuse of our children.

How our young minds are polluted. How do we combat this racist imagery?

Most of our youth today are not exposed to these same stereotypes which were projects onto their parents and grandparents. But the atitudes which have been implanted into the psyche of the ELDERS affects the youth today. Whether they are conscious of it or not. And this mental conditioning is deeply rooted.

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