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Oct 13, 2006
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Quick tips for Healing all psychological, physical and spiritual disease.

Dis-ease, the burden of suffering, discomfort, distraction, disharmony, disappointment and destruction. We are running around trying to find a cure for something that has already been cured from within.

In the Genesis of a cherished Book- God says: "Who told you you were naked?" In the personal Genesis of our people, who told us we were sick? It was White folks. This deals with our psychological health.

And yet we still compare ourselves to them, to see if something is wrong with us. Of course, you'll always find something wrong with you if you compare yourself to anyone, or anything else.

Physically - How do you know something is wrong?
We might know these things because of the body. We can feel it. The body provides clues for our healing by using dreams and other subconscious messages.

Today's system keeps many of us distracted from these messages and therefore we continue to get sick and die. Spiritual dis-ease is the core reason for all suffering. We feel disconnected from the Source of all life and abundance.

If you are still asking the same questions, about why do Black folks do this, or why do Black folks do that....maybe you're not listening to your own system. Hatred, Confusion, Disorganization, Community and family Disharmony all of these things are byproducts of the imbalance we have with Earth and Universe.

Of course you know something is wrong. Now what are you planning to do about it? All Revolutions begin within first.

Your body is trying to tell you something. The body,mind,spirit is where Earth and Universe come into balance. Some of us are like obese Doctors preaching about health and wellbeing. We speak about Liberation, when our bodies themselves have not been Liberated from the destructive sugars and foods that command out brain power and cell repair.

The fastest and quickest and most logical thing we can do to Liberate ourselves from White powers, is first to Liberate ourselves from White powders. Sugars, flours, all of these things contribute to the destruction of our bodies, and hence the manipulation of our minds.

How can we ever hope to achieve what our Ancestors did, when we don't follow the spiritual, mental and physical diets our Ancestors did? How could that be possible?

How can we preach against White Supremacy, when as soon as we get sick we run to a White Doctor, who in turn pulls a disease out a hat- gives it to you, and you have to accept it, because everyone in White coats know what they are talking about. Even the Butcher.

A White Doctor can kill you psychologically without examination. This is fact. Millions of people die ever year from misdiagnoses, they die because their minds believe what the Doctor tells them.

But it would be irresponsible to tell anyone not to go to the Doctor. Especially in the case of serious illnesses or conditions. However, you should understand your body better than any Doctor. Doesn't that make sense? Why should anyone know your house better than you? You live in the house. We should understand how our systems work, this takes the power away from the Western Doctors. Its mind over body, mind over matter- its your mind that matters.

Traditionally, a Doctors role was to teach you how to heal yourself. A Doctor who did a good job, felt good that he had less patients. Less patients meant more people were taking his/her advice and doing better. The Medical Mafia has millions of Doctors under its belt. And even millions of sick people. Who flood the hospitals like locusts, constantly getting sick, constantly stressed, constantly in disharmony with just about everything in their natural world.

But ask yourself this. When was the last time you've heard of a Western Doctor living to age of 100 years old. Hell, how about 85. You'd think with all the medical knowledge Western Doctors have they'd be able to outlive most of their patients. This is not the case. Doctors in West, die along with everyone else. This is because its a hustle. They're not healing you at all, nor do they know how. What they do know is how to over medicate the problem, the body does the rest on its own.

Psychological Healing

Some of the mental dis-eases our people have, are directly associated with the activities they perform with and for White minds. The "white mind" is not limited to White folks alone. If only that were true, then everything would be so easy.

Unfortunately millions of Black people have adopted the white mind. We find ourselves fighting against the "white mind" in Black people. And we feel strange. Because a part of us is saying, but this person is my Brotha or my Sistah. In truth, they are not. The mind, is not the brain, it is the consciousness that is a part of everything that makes us who we are. Basically we are all mind. How the mind travels or stabilizes itself can be called "soul" or "spirit."

A white mind is a programmed belief system that says, "I am here to control you, this is why I exist, this is why I am here, there is nothing else for me to do, I will try to manipulate every movement you make, every thought, every dream, until you realize my power over you - this is my Divine place."

Personally, I don't know any Black person who works with or for the White minds who aren't somewhat- gone or minor crazy. Even if we don't work directly for White folks, we sometimes find ourselves working for Black people or non-Whites who have the white mind. Some of you already know what I am talking about, all too well.

Unfortunately, we will never find true peace and Psychological healing until we stand up and purge these people from our system. Perhaps, you yourself might have the white mind inside you. If you find yourself needing to control others, needing them to accept you, needing your point to be heard and understood. Needing people to do everything you say, Needing to punish people because they didn't do as you say. The overall need to manipulate people physically, mentally and spiritual- you may even feel God placed you on Earth for that purpose. You have a white mind. And this may be the source of your dysfunction and disease.

The good news? You can heal yourself from this. Some of the most intelligent, spiritual healthy and mentally affluent people on the planet are like the Good Doctors. They are only here to help people learn how to heal. They teach people how to fish so they can fish on their own. They try never to have people "need" them for anything. There are needs we all have, love, community, there things are basic for Human growth and evolution. But we don't need control and manipulation. These are the positions held only for the Earth and Universe. We are already moved by our moods and cycles brought upon by the polarity between Earth and Universe, we really don't need any more control that what the heavens and Earth environment already provides.

Just let it go. Learn to meditate. Try sound therapy. Do all that you can to rid yourself of that White mind. It is eating you up from the inside. For those of us who are dealing with White minded people, we need to spend as much time away from them as possible. But if we must work with or for them, we should maintain a level of mental stability. Notice how easy it is for these people to push your buttons. You must understand that you are handing over that power to them. Don't do it. Pay attention to what is going on inside your body when they are doing this. It is producing dis-eases you will have to deal with later on. You may get a headache, a stomach ache. Some people develop cancer because of these stressful environments. Road rage, all of these things are a result.

The quickest fix is to not deal with White minded people at all. Stay away from them. Stay away from the controllers and the takers, don't feed into them, and don't feed them. Invite people who are givers into your life. People who appreciate your opinion no matter what that might be. People who are easy to talk to are usually not controlling people. People with beauty inside them and laughter and who make smart life choices. Invite these people in, and let the Whiteminds find their way out. Forget about them. Don't even meditate on their wellbeing unless it helps to improve yours.

Overall, listen to your own mind. Just listen. Your mind will tell you. If you are saying about a person "you get on my nerves" - this person is helping to produce suffering inside of your body. Suffering produces dis-ease, and dis-ease produces death of the cells. Stop allowing White minds to kill you. Liberate yourself from them.

Physical Healing.

There is a host of problems the Black Family suffers from. Obesity, Breast- to prostate cancer, sickle cell, heart disease, diabetes - again, all the illnesses of the body are due to imbalances and incorrect diet. First of all we are Tropical people eating a European diet. We should be eating for our blood type. Please read: African Holistic Health.

Personally, I've found 4 things that help to keep the body healthy. It might be true that at least 90% of the body's diseases can be helped if we cleanse the body properly. Please see:

Most of us get sick, because we aren't using the body at its full potential anyway. This is why it's easy for the Doctor to pull an illness out the hat at your next visit. The potential for all diseases are developing right now as we speak inside the colon. As Africans in America we've moved away too far from traditional colon cleansing, basic rituals that included enemas and laxatives. No wonder we are so full of...........

Next to detoxify the body, we need to drink enough water daily to purge the right amount of toxins from the body through the urine. The 4th would be enough sleep. Most of us don't get enough rest, we don't give our bodies the right amount of time to heal. This of course, should be measured based upon lifestyle. The more you work, the more you should sleep. Also- "work" should be defined as the amount of time you spend in the light. Real sleep is when you are resting in total darkness. In the natural world, when the Sun goes down, and the moon and stars come out, complete darkness is only a few inches in front of you. Darkness is very important to the body's healing process.

Some of us actually think the "standard American diet" is doing us some good. The truth is, it would take at least 2 thousands years for our DNA to become conducive and used to the diets of Europeans. We are SUPPOSE TO BE eating as our Ancestors ate. Some of you who don't like the use of the title "African" well, you are African if African genes dominate your body, and since these genes have over 500 years left to fully adapt to the American environment-- you are an African.

Tropical people, do better in tropical climates and eating tropical foods and and less meat as possible, unless that meat is local, and everything eaten should be local and not imported. "Eating" is not restricted to what we place into our mouths either. Most of us stay sick because of the chemicals we place on our skin, in our hair and nails. The dyes in our clothes. We also eat through the skin! Natural oils, like coconut oil does wonders for the skin, hair and nails and helps the body and immune system to strengthen. We should use natural organic skin and hair foods, and clothes made from natural dyes, or clothes that are not strangling the body.

To heal thy self even further, research and study what an Iconic foot bath can do for you and your family.

Ionic Foot bath: Investment: $200-$300 (on ebay). Health Benefits: Priceless
Helps maintain the bio-energy needed for the cells of the body to repair themselves. Major tool for detoxification. Local spas charge at from $80-$200 for this service.
Some Black people report feeling 100% better after at least 3-6 months of ionic detoxing. Bio-energy is the key to our wellbeing. (see the color codes for different foods)

Please read: The Science of Melanin - Dispelling the Myths - T.Owens Moore, Ph.D.

Spiritual Healing

I believe all areas of healing is important for us. Special consideration should be projected on our Spiritual Healing. I have said before that our spiritual disconnection from Earth and Universe is perhaps the core of all our suffering. From this area in our consciousness, dis-eases can manifest themselves. Maybe because of this feeling from within, it makes sense, and we feel justified when life does not produce the results we really want. When Whiteminds control our world, it makes sense for them to dominate us. When our bodies get sick and fail, it makes sense. Because then we can say to ourselves, it's because I am not right with God. This is why all these things are happening to me.

No one can really tell you about your spiritual requirement, no book, no Church, no person has that level of brilliance, no matter how intelligent they may appear. We can provide clues, but overall, it is up to you to find the taste you are craving. In fact, all we can ever do it suggest to you, whatever it is you are craving spiritually, it is out there, because you would not be alive if it were not.

Some of us believe that we come into the world because we in sin, we are all flawed in some way, and we are here to get fixed. Again- something is wrong with us, why else would we manifest into this world full of dis-ease. This reminds me of the story about the Man trapped in a well, he screamed out for help and a friend jumped down in the well with him. He said to his friend, now why did you do that! Now look- we are both stuck in the well. His friend said to him: "no, I jumped in because I fell in this well before too, and I know the way out."

We should not confuse those who "know their way out" from those who are stuck in the well. We may all appear as if we are stuck, but not all of us are. Some of us are here to help others find their own way out, on their own terms, for their own reasons.

Spiritual healing does not happen until we recognize that such people do exist. And that at times, we ourselves are these people. We are looking into the heavens for people to come sitting on clouds. yet we ourselves, know the way out of various wells. Purpose is easy to find, only fools make it difficult. If you've made it out a terrible situation, and now you are safe from that situation, your Purpose is to help others out of that same situation. Simple. In doing so, in this act and performance, you free yourself from the burden of being disconnected from a higher call. This is something most Black people suffer from. We use our religions as a distraction away from the truth. That everyone of us, are in many ways are helpers for others. We all have a way to get people out of terrible situations.

The only thing most know beyond a reason of a doubt, is how we survived a traumatic event. How we recovered from a terrible fate. We know these things because we are still here to talk about them. What we fail to recognize is that others are faced with the same problems and need US, not God, not Jesus, not Allah, but us- they need US to help them. Because we are in the well with them.

We can show them the way directly. That, if anything is why we are here.

The greatest level of Spiritual healing comes when we realize, not only does the Earth and the Universe know exactly who we are, but the Earth and Universe has invested, and IS investing in our continual place on the planet. Religion is the blanket of limited ideas thrown over the cosmic forces that live inside and outside of us. You are just as much a part of the Universe, as the Sun is a part of our solar system. You influence life just like the Sun, you radiate energy just like the Sun, and on many level you ARE the Sun. But you are the part of the Sun that is approachable. You are an ethereal Sun, that provides life through the use of mind.

To heal spiritually, you can remember the most beautiful time in your life, and help to produce this beautiful time for others.


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Sep 27, 2005
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Also, Queen Afua

puts out very good advice in her book "Heal Thyself"!

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
:bowdown: :bowdown: Beloved KgMw Metasaience:
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Again and always I am grateful for your presence on this Space Sip Planet Earth to lead and guide us back to a once Divine Thinking people.

I meditate that what I share below is understood, and if it is not, please Be free to correct me.

Conditioning, brain washing, programming, manipulation, controlling, the burden of suffering, discomfort, distraction, disharmony, disappointment, destruction, stripping our people of their Nutrients/Vitamins Knowledge of Divine self our people once had. Is it right to say that this Nakedness can also mean a Dis-ease and famine. Like a Pathological liar who will tell us we have the problems and not them. Eddie Murphy movie: Trading Places. After the human being corruptor made our people into their human being image, which means they transferred their sick and distorted mental illness into our ancestors, and we carried their illness within us still today. Lobotimizing is a fill in the blank _ _.

If we do not know what the anti-nature, anti-truth, anti life human being ways are, and all they are capable of doing, many will not heal conscious/subconsciously.

And yet we still compare ourselves to them, to see if something is wrong with us. Of course, you'll always find something wrong with you if you compare yourself to anyone, or anything else.

So those of us who proudly claim to be Just Only Human, and not know their other reality (Ethereal Divine Spiritual) people we will live this sick Human Being life full of every disease from A-Z. Naked.

How long have people been fighting for Human rights? Has the abuse stopped yet? The more people demand Human rights which is about the abuse of flesh, that which the Human Being corruptors wine, dine, feast on, the more the abuse continues. The human being is not in the Rights business. It is in the Doing wrong to others business. We must be careful of what we defend, because what we defend can and will back fire on us.

If we desire to scare the Human being, we need to fetch our Divine right mind back and see if they will not bow down, flees, shut up or all three. I personally know It works. We will not be asking for Human Rights when we are in our Truthful Divine mind-set. Being in our Truthful Divine Mind-set is the blanket condemnation to those liars and thieves. Do we not know that it is stressful for liars and deceivers to stay in the presence of Unique Creative Divine Truthful Thinkers? Who is is among us that does not desire to be such?

Know this beloved One. If you call your self human only, you are naked and sick.

Of course you know something is wrong. Now what are you planning to do about it? All Revolutions begin within first.

Again fetch your Divine right Thinking mind in the Soul-mind conscious/subconscious, where All information flows.

Julian Marley: If you think that this is all there is to life, you are Crazy.
If we think we are Human only, we are Crazy/Naked/Sick.

Your body is trying to tell you something. The body,mind,spirit is where Earth and Universe come into balance. Some of us are like obese Doctors preaching about health and wellbeing. We speak about Liberation, when our bodies themselves have not been Liberated from the destructive sugars and foods that command out brain power and cell repair.

Anyone remembr The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Tonto was a fit warrior.

Rememebr Zorro, and I forget the obese side kick name he had. Remember how he was eating all the time and everything in site? He was out of breath and sweating most of the time. Remember Shultz in Hogans Hero?

Whose Image are you in? :SuN047:

I Am honored to live knowing I am in the Image of Divine Truth.

Image :SuN030:
Imagine :SuN030:

Here is loving you/Afrika.

Afrika (us) is still paradise in spite of her (our) conditions


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Oct 13, 2006
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Yes! Sis. Fine1952, Queen Afua's book "Heal Thyself" is excellent. I believe in the vision of this wonderful Queen Mother, because she challenges us to go back to our stable roots of African nutrition and health.

In becoming an awakened African woman, she began to soul search into what was our form of medicine and healing. She learnt that in the past, African Priestesses and Priests used the knowledge of natural remedies, such as aromatherapy, herbology, reflexology and hydrotherapy, to heal. On a trip to Khamit (Egypt), she saw the spiritual significance of a woman's womb in the form of the Neter (Goddess) Nut. This led to her to recognizing the womb as the female sacred center. In her latest book, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit, Queen Afua writes "Arit is the original khamitic word for 'spiritual energy centre' or 'gateway'. The aritu (plural) are also referred to as the charkas. The womb arit corresponds to the second chakra representing the aspects of procreation, inspiration and family."

Therefore, if the womb has been damaged in any way, a woman's level of creativity and inspiration, stability, success in relationships and fertility levels is potentially impaired.

The (sacred) womb is the first gate to the Nine Gateways - spiritual rites of passage - encountered in the Sacred Woman training. In the process of healing ourselves we have to first complete the 21-day Sacred Womb training, before having the option of exploring what lies beyond the gateways of: Sacred word, Sacred Food; Sacred Movement; Sacred Space, Sacred Beauty; Sacred Healing; Sacred Relationship; Sacred Unions and Sacred Lotus Initiation.

Our Beloved Goddess Auset333 would agree, there is too much WOMB ABUSE going on in the world! This is also a very important factor to healing the Black Family. What is a Black Family at all, if the WOMB of our Women are abused?

As Men, we should be Womb healers. We should understand this nature of healing is sexual, and beyond the sexual. If the Woman is dis-eased- then her illnesses, whether mental or physical- leeches out within the Womb into the child.

Then when a child is born, we say- why is this child so darn BAD! No. The child is too cute to be bad! Too divine to be bad! The child is expressing all the emotions they received from the Mother through the Womb.


Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
Beloved KgMW Metasaience
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

When we have that Born Again experience, the renewing of the Soul WOMB Conscious Mind, it is there where ALL Information flows and muchccccccccccccccch is revealed to us.

The hormones in the Womb Gender (WG) (female) Mind-Head is connected to the Hormones in her uterus. What she thinks will DAMAGE THE WOMB. This is terrorism/murderous in the WOMB, enemies within. We do not know we are Killers of ourselves and abortionist too. When we abort our own mind we abort the child mind. The child is bad. We must quickly take a deeper look at the source that makes this statement. An aborted mind will always be like a renegade, that have no set path, and will go up against the Sun. The child is not bad. It is call an arrested mind which is undeveloped.

Many times the WG's have gone to the doctor, and the doctors had x-rays, blood, work and all types of test done, and found nothing. The she/he says. It is All In Your Head. Then the next thing she/he recommends is a Psychiatrist. It is Time to do SOUL Conscious Mind searching when this is recommended.

When we do not know ourselves in and out, we experience a lost life, no joy, no peace, Harmony, order, balance...and the likes of.
Anything that is without Harmony, Order, and Balance is bound to be Whacked. How did the Womb Gender get whacked. She too had help getting whacked. Her mother, grandmother....on and on WOMB was whacked too. The emotional roller Coaster in our head Damages the Womb gravely.

For the men to overstand, they must be in touch with the other side of them, the (WG).

It is vital and Essential for us to Know about the energy we are, how the Mind works, so we can over stand the Power in the Sperm, Penis, and Vagina and how all what we think is transmitted in that Energy.

Everything begins with the SOUL-Mind Thoughts. We are what we eat and Think.
When the WG Mind thoughts is already damaged and she allows the Male energy whose Mind thoughts is just as bad or even worse connect with her energy One Flesh), what type of child can we expect to produce?

There is sooooooooooooooooo much we have Yet to know about self.

I am grateful to you Beloved Metasaience and ALL the brothers on and off Destee who are in tune/touch with the WG's.
:SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:

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