Vegetable - Fruit - Recipe : Black-Eyed Peas Stew

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Dec 7, 2010
Black-Eyed Peas Stew

1-1½ pounds black-eyed peas
½ cup raw sunflower seeds
5-7 cups water
29-32 ounces stewed tomatoes
4 carrots cut into medium-sized pieces
3 white peeled and chopped potatoes
4 stalks chopped celery
½ chopped bell pepper
1 medium chopped onion
4 pieces chopped spring onion
5 cloves chopped garlic
Seasonings, to taste

Wash black-eyed peas and rinse bell pepper, carrots, potatoes, celery and onions. Pour black-eyed peas into a 4-5 quart skillet or pot. Add seeds, seasonings and water. Boil for 20 minutes. Add carrots and tomatoes. Cook an additional 15 minutes. Add celery, bell pepper and any remaining seasonings. Turn flame down very low, boil for 10 minutes and serve. Serves 12.

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