South Africa : Black Excellence: Black Women Speak Candidly About Sex In A New South African Web Series

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    Black Women Speak Candidly About Sex In A New South African Web Series

    This week marks the start of South Africa’s Women’s Month, an annual commemoration of the wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters who led a historic march against apartheid pass laws in 1956.

    What do you think?

    Coinciding with the national holiday, Johannesburg-based actress and directorMmabatho Montsho has produced a 10-part web series centered on sex and its impact on the daily lives of women in South Africa. The candid interviews featured in Women on Sex include television and radio personalities Khanyi Mbau, Hajra Omarjee andRefiloe Mpakanyan, as well as doctors, pastors, businesswomen and more.

    What do you think?

    “There are so many factors that influence not only how and when black women have sex, but also how, where and when we are able to talk about it freely,” Mmabatho said in a press release. “Social media has provided a wonderful platform for black women to ensure that their voices are heard and as a budding director, I felt I could contribute another platform for candid conversations about sex and to put it on record. It is a conversation that needs to be encouraged beyond Women’s Month.”

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